BestSellers: 4 libros sobre aventura


Bestsellers: 4 books about adventure

Many are lovers of extreme sports and adventure who choose to know and find out much more about their favorite sports by reading some of the books by well-known characters who have left a key mark in the world of a specific sports discipline and who They want to leave their experience and their acquired knowledge reflected in a book so that all those who come after them know their secrets to have reached what they have achieved.

There are countless books that could be mentioned, although today we will recommend only a few of them. Recommended proposals include:

The first proposal is the book ‘Breaking limits. The great adventure of El Larguero', by David Alonso and Francisco José Delgado, a 318-page book that crosses the border to delve into twelve surprising stories of enthusiasm, enthusiasm and personal improvement. This book travels from the desert to the North Pole, so that the readers of this book will be able to immerse themselves in an incessant adventure at the hands of each one of its characters. In its pages, they go around the world twice, travel to remote places, climb the highest mountains on the entire planet, and even fight against their own death even knowing that it could not be defeated.

The second proposal is the book 'Spanish Explorations Today', by Juan José Zorrilla, a 254-page book that transports the reader to a world of challenge. This book covers the ascent of Òscar Cadiach to Everest, the crossing of the Atlantic in a small plane by Miguel Ángel Gordillo or the crossing of the Taklamakán desert by Sebastián Álvaro, among other overwhelming stories. This illustrated book with amazing images will take you on a journey into the unknown.

The third proposal is the book 'Stealing time from death', by David Torres and Sebastián Álvaro, a 170-page book that includes a great adventure that tests not only strength, but also resistance and courage, but also the capacity for suffering and the desire to enjoy life to the fullest. It is a perfect book, as it offers all readers who enjoy both sports and literature a means to bring both hobbies together.

And last but not least, we can highlight the book 'The Conquest of Everest', by George Lowe and Huw Lewis – Jones, a comprehensive 240-page book that covers the adventure of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, when on May 29, 1953 they crowned the top of Everest. This commemorative book honoring this feat offers an astonishing collection of images and the private archives of George Lowe, climber and photographer who witnessed that successful expedition.