Brian Gaberman: el fotógrafo del skate


Brian Gaberman: The Skate Photographer

Brian Gaberman is a well-known journalist with a very good reputation in the United States. He was recently visiting Barcelona since he has begun a kind of tour of Europe to show his work, so the newspaper El Mundo took the opportunity to interview him.

Gaberman says that he began his career as a photographer hunting images of skaters when he was still at school and, over time, we could say that he created a whole genre since in his images, spectacularity is not so important like beauty.

His black and white photographs are very precise, epic and very beautiful. Here are some images of Gaberman.

We found Brian Gaberman's work incredible. He has a collection of wonderful and magnificent snapshots, full of movement, dynamism and as he himself admits: “full of imperfections, just as we ourselves are”.

Gaberman is definitely to be considered the 'skate photographer'.

In the interview with El Mundo, Gaberman assures that he looks for photographs that are more like a dream than reality itself since "this is how I walk through life, in a kind of dream" said the photographer.