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Women's Caps Learn to combine your caps!

Many women think that caps are limited to men and athletes… Wrong! The reality is that caps are a very useful and fashionable accessory that every woman should integrate into her wardrobe, especially now in 2020 that the sports trend is taking so much.

The flexibility of caps will make any outfit stand out in a special way if you do it the right way. So it's time to combine your women's caps correctly! And don't be left behind in the latest fashion with this accessory that never goes out of style.

Gorras Mujer

Follow these tips to show off your women's caps!


Because of their characteristic sporty element, caps can make your look look more casual than it really is, but really it's all about balance. If your intention is to get an elegant outfit and reduce the intensity, add a cap made of simple and cool fabric like cotton, and you will see how you will feel more comfortable and casual, especially if you combine it with very clean and well-maintained sneakers. No longer will you have to wait to wear that blazer or dress pants just for the office!

If, on the other hand, you are looking to add a touch of elegance to your casual clothes, add a cap made of heavy fabrics such as suede, velvet or silk, which give contrasting textures and combine it with elegant shoes, such as ballerinas, heels or leather sandals, to reach the perfect level between comfort and elegance.

Gorras Mujer


The colors of your women's caps are as important as the rest of your accessories. Think of it as a game, you choose a base color or fabric, one or two colors, and then play with accessories of the same color and material to make the whole look fit in. The same goes for the hat you wear, make sure it's a neutral color like black, white , navy blue or burgundy if you wear a striking outfit or one with patterns so as not to overload it visually If, on the other hand, you wear a jean outfit or one designed with neutral colors, it will be great to add a cap in a bright color or an interesting pattern that makes it highlight.

Gorras Mujer


The material of your cap is directly proportional to the objective you want to achieve and the climate in which you are going to wear it. Remember that women's caps should give you confidence! and if you wear them in the head will not look good if you feel uncomfortable. Think lightweight models for summer days and then thicker options for fall, even leather or semi-leather would look great.

Gorras Mujer


And then, within the infinite world of caps are the "trucker" caps or sports trucker caps. And no, the truth is that you won't look like a trucker if you wear them, you will look amazing (and protect yourself) if you know how to use them. These types of caps look good throughout the year because they are very cool, but especially in the summer when we can take a getaway to the beach or enjoy an adventure trip with friends and family with that Californian summer look.

Remember that the important thing is that you feel free to be yourself and show off your true personality! And you, how do you combine your women's caps?

Gorras Mujer