Chiara Ferragni, la blogger de moda más influyente del mundo


Chiara Ferragni, the most influential fashion blogger in the world

Chiara Ferragni, the most influential fashion blogger in the world

Chiara Ferragni is a young Italian law student in Milan and considered the highest paid blogger in the world. Her posts on the fashion blog The Blonde Salad , which receives over three million hits a month , have made her a millionaire. In addition, she has close to one million fans on Facebook and more than three million followers on Instagram . A whole phenomenon of ego-blogging.

Today Chiara is more than just a fashion blogger. She founded the company TBS to manage her content on her blog and her social profiles, she has a team of 15 people employed and last year they had a turnover of six million euros . Forbes magazine has included her in its list of the most successful under 30 in the fashion world and she is the only person of Italian nationality to be part of this exclusive list.

The Blonde Salad is not a blog of long and heavy articles, her posts are simply composed of photos and videos that reflect the dream life that Chiara enjoys. They are a showcase of her house in Los Angeles and her presence in important international events related to the world of fashion.

Riccardo Pozzoli, co-founder of The Blonde Salad and Chiara's partner, is quite specific about the Italian blogger's cachet. “The fees range from a few tens of thousands of euros, to hundreds of thousands“. Pozzoli is the former partner of the Italian, who remained romantically close for seven years, and together they formed TBS. Ferragni credits her current partner with half of the portal's success.