Clark Little, fotografiando olas


Clark Little, photographing waves

Can you capture the beauty of a wave? Or better yet, can you capture the beauty of a wave from within? Without a doubt, Clark Little shows us that it is.

Clark Little has become very famous in the USA for being one of the best wave "captures" that exist, and it is not for less, this young American has achieved that his snapshots are recognized and admired by locals and strangers, for people of all tastes and all styles.

Clark is passionate about surfing, a sport to which since he was little he dedicates a large part of his free time. In turn Clark Little is dedicated to photography professionally. Thus, and based on these two central axes of his life, Clark has managed to combine them and become one of the people who best conveys the beauty of the moment, the preciousness of the moment.

Using his skills in the water and equipped with specific and waterproof cameras, Clark enters the depths of the waves, to photograph them from within, to capture them in their maximum splendor while they beat and break.

Striking images, extremely beautiful, and with a great taste for nature and sensitivity for everything related to the sea, Clark Little's photographs are a hymn to the beauty of the subtle.

Clark is a lucky man, he can dedicate himself to what he likes the most and make it his passion and his profession, getting with his images to bring us closer to that passion of his, that love for the sea, for nature and for the surfing.

The photographs that highlight the glorious moment of a wave, and that he has already managed to share all over the world, are well worth looking at again and again.