Cómo afilar los cantos de tu tabla de snowboard


How to sharpen the edges of your snowboard

Sharpening the edges of your snowboard is the most complex maintenance task to perform. In this article we explain how to do it correctly and efficiently.

The difference between a board with well-sharpened edges and another board that does not have them lies in the sliding stability. Poor board stability poses a major fall hazard. However, a good edge sharpening will add stability to your yabla and it will glide well even on ice sheets.

Remember to bring a couple of diamond stones with you, keep them in your snowboard jacket so you have them handy for edge shaping in case you run over a rock or if you notice any instability on the board. Especially when you snowboard on ice floes.

To achieve optimal sharpening and a good scraping of the edges of the table, you must work with pressure and firmness. It is advisable that you do it on a workbench as it will save you time and you will achieve it more effectively, quickly and comfortably. Holding the file tightly, apply edge filing in a smooth motion from the nose of the board to its tail.

We suggest that you use a file with a pitch of at least 16 teeth per centimeter, and you should file from the outside in with long, determined and firm strokes. The edges of the base should be left flat.

To sharpen the edges of the sides of the table, use an edge sharpener with a guide so that they do not have unevenness and asymmetries. An angulation of 90 degrees is usually applied, which is the one that most edge sharpeners have marked. Others have a goniometer to be able to choose the desired sharpening angle.

Finally, the corners should be rounded a little with the help of a rubber to smooth edges or a fine emery or ceramic stone.

A correct sharpening of the edges of your snowboard is not entirely easy. Unless you ice snowboard very often, you won't need to do this more than once or twice a year. If you want to ensure a good sharpening of edges, the best thing you can do is go to a store or a specialized establishment.

Cómo afilar los cantos de tu tabla de snowboard