Cómo montarse una rampa de madera casera para bicicletas


How to assemble a homemade wooden bike ramp

How to assemble a homemade wooden bike ramp

Sergio Layos is one of the most important BMX riders today. The first time he rode such a bike, he was 11 years old. At the age of 13, he placed second in the World Championship in Portugal , amazing the entire BMX community. At that time, there were almost no skate parks in Spain, nor were sponsors interested in this type of bicycle sport. On a trip to Texas (USA), in search of new experiences, he met great riders such as Rubén Alcántara and Álvaro Santalucía, who became Sergio's godparents and mentors.

Now Sergio participates in international competitions and has established himself as a star in the world of BMX, with numerous successes to his credit. An athlete who is worth following. But Layos has not only shown his facet as an elite rider, he has also shown his engineering side. designer and builder.

This time we want to surprise you with a video in which Sergio Layos himself shows us the construction process of a homemade ramp that you can build yourself for your garden with the right tools and materials. If you are a fan of BMX and Freeride, you will like it.

How did you like it? Would you dare to assemble a homemade ramp to have fun with the bike (and with the process of building the ramp)?