Cómo sobrevivir a una avalancha: una historia real (impresionante vídeo)


How to survive an avalanche: a true story (awesome video)

Today we share with you an impressive and intense video that will not leave anyone indifferent. At least, to those who practice freeride or snowboard or ski in areas prone to avalanches.

In the following video you will see how a group of skiers who were freriding in an area of ​​virgin, powder snow, suffer the triggering of an avalanche very close to them and it reaches up to one of the companions, completely burying it under a thick layer of snow.

Immediately, the rest of his companions try to locate him (something very complicated) and, when they succeed, they begin to dig him up with all their means: shovels, hands, pulling him... the truth is that it's a very delicate moment and quite dramatic.

We would like you to judge for yourself the moment and the situation:

What do you think? Makes your hair stand on end, right?

This audiovisual document is a warning against avalanche dangers, situations in which you have to be very alert, you must go very well equipped and, if an avalanche occurs, you must act quickly, in coordination, with blood cold and use well the rescue equipment that we carry with us.

We sincerely hope you never find yourself in such a dangerous situation as this.