Con Danny McAskill desde Los Alpes hasta el Adriático


With Danny MacAskill from The Alps to the Adriatic

With Danny McAskill from The Alps to the Adriatic

This is Danny McAskill. A street trials talent, professional rider and racer for Inspired Cycles. At the age of 23, this boy from the Isle of Skye (in Scotland) life gives him life takes a diametrical and sudden turn as a result of a video he posts on YouTube, set to the song "The Funeral". Today, with more than 35 million views, it is a bicycle classic on Google's audiovisual social network and in it you can see Danny rolling over a very narrow metal fence, among other impressive maneuvers.

Although what we bring you today, related to this bike wizard, is a magnificent video of Danny in which they ride through some of the most emblematic cities in Europe during a trip that starts in the Alps and ends at in the Adriatic Sea, going through a series of very interesting cycling routes. We want you to judge for yourself the adventure that has been reflected in the following video: