Consejos para un look Sportwear


Tips for a Sportwear look

Tips for a Sportwear look

To achieve a sportwear look we already know that the key is balance. But it is not always so easy. For this reason, The Indian Face gives you some tips to achieve it and not go crazy.

When making our combination, we have to know which are the garments that will give us more formality and which ones we will use to give the casual or informal touch. For example, all kinds of dark pants or shoes are formal garments that are usually part of every wardrobe and it will not be difficult for us to get hold of them.

To give it that touch of informality, think about shirts with details, patterns or with more than one color. These clothes from The Indian Face can give you some idea.

You can take it outside and use urban shoes that are not sports as such. What do you think of these?

T-shirts always provide informality and combining them with chino pants, for example, always give a lot of personality. We recommend that you do not forget to see the range of short-sleeved t-shirts from The Indian Face.

When you have made your combination, keep these little tips in mind to give a final assessment to your look and know if you have succeeded. If you chose jeans, rule out shoes, the look would already be more formal than what we are looking for. If you decide on a shirt, it should go inside the pants if you want a formal look, but if you are looking for a more sportwear or casualwear look, leave it outside and try to make it a casual and non-formal shirt because they will be longer. Keep in mind that any garment that is not your size or has a worn look will give the informality you are looking for.

These are our tips for a sportwear look. Follow them if you feel like it and find your style. The rest is up to you.