Deportes alternativos para practicar en la nieve


Alternative sports to practice in the snow

For those of you looking to combine your ski holidays with other more risky modalities, here we present some alternative sports to practice in the snow.


Mushrooming is a Nordic means of transport where dogs pull a sled with skis and manage to move quickly through the snow. This sport combines loyalty and camaraderie with animals, and speed and adrenaline in the snow. A perfect tandem.


Snowmobiles have the advantage that they do not need roads or paths to slide, because they can work on any snowy or icy surface. Motorcycles allow you to do a multitude of maneuvers, go at high speed and allow great acceleration , which is why you need people who are physically prepared to withstand the force of the motorcycle. A different way of feeling the adrenaline while enjoying the snow.

Ski touring

We could say that it is a modality between skiing and mountaineering. To carry out this sport, skiers must ascend the mountain with skis and binding boots. The journey can be long or short, an excursion, a descent from a peak or the ascent of the mountainside.


Heliskiing is a different modality from traditional skiing that differs from it in that it is practiced in virgin snow areas. Helicopters are responsible for transporting skiers to the top of the hills. To practice heliskiing, heavier and wider skis are needed than normal. Most of the time you have to practice it in the company of a professional who knows the area and guides you, since it is an extreme sport with a lot of risk. This alternative allows snow lovers to ski in unpopulated areas with wide slopes at their disposal.


This sport combines speed, flight and skiing. Although it may seem impossible, it is a sport between paragliding and traditional skiing where you experience the sensation of flying. The speedrider can live an extreme experience between the snow and the sky, moving along normally inaccessible tracks. It is essential to practice it to have a good level of skiing and to have specialized equipment to practice this sport, which includes a smaller canopy than the paragliding one. With this practice, the athlete will be able to descend on the slopes at breakneck speed, caving, flying and floating gently. A nice practice, but very risky.