Tus influencers favoritos también viajan en camper



Not long ago we talked to you about revolution of Camper vans, one of the latest trends to the time to travel. It is undoubtedly the reflection of our adventurous spirit, of our more Indian side, and we love knowing that, like us, people like you also want to get out of their comfort zone and give the well-known as #VanLife. In that article we told you where this movement came from, what types of camper vans exist, the positive aspects of the experience and the boom in the rental of these vehicles. So, if you've missed it, go read it because it's super practical and interesting. Word of Indian!

Now, if this alternative mode is more trending than ever, it is not only due to the pandemic and the post-Covid restrictive measures with which we have been limited when traveling; but also thanks to the influencers. In fact, in the post on our website that we mention, we discovered one of the leading companies in the rental of this type of van in Spain called The Feather Van. Born within the digital environment, it seeks to bring out the more exploratory side of the traveler and we love that. The businesswomen in charge of this wonderful project are the influencer Alba Paul Ferrer and her friend Lucía, and their communication plan speaks for itself: they know what they are doing.

And it is that this camper rental company, as well as many others, have managed to attract other great influencers within the current panorama, either to rent or buy one. Do you want to know what they are? We'll tell you!


1.GOTZON MANTULIZ (@gotzonmantuliz)

This Spanish model, designer and adventurer, also known for having one of the most Instagrammable dogs in the world, first rose to fame for winning the fifth edition of EITB (El Conquistador del Fin del Mundo), a reality show on the Basque regional chain. His wildest and most daring spirit takes him to discover the most beautiful corners, both in Spain and abroad, inside his camper. Also, as a good sports lover, he enjoys surfing and other water activities, and in many of his photos we sometimes find his board and wetsuit, ready for his next adventure.

Gotzon Mantuliz Influencer Furgoneta Camperizada

2. DANIEL ILLESCAS (@danielillescas)

Daniel Illescas has a million followers on his Instagram account and his content attracts any fan of quality photography and the most spectacular landscapes . And it is that, in addition to being a model, youtuber and expert communicator, it is noticeable that he carries within that adventurous spirit that has led him to take a camper van to spend a different vacation. He enjoyed a few days on the road with his current partner and they took a trip through almost hidden locations, which makes it much more special. I mean, looking at this, who wouldn't want to do it too?

Daniel Illescas Furgoneta Camper Influencer

3. SUSANA MOLINA (@susana_bicho90)

Susana Molina, better known as Susana “Bicho” after her Instagram username, rose to the media scene thanks to the reality show Big Brother . Some time later we could see her in The island of temptations as one of the great favorites. However, far from her fame on the screen, we have discovered that the influencer also has a adventurous side. He opted to do a route in a campervan and thus spend a few different days in which, as it seems in his account, he enjoyed a lot.

Susana Bicho Furgoneta Camper Influencer

4. HUGO PÉREZ (@hugoperezcabaleiro)

Like Susana Molina, Hugo Pérez also began his media career in the Big Brother program and was part of one of the editions of The island of temptations . In his profile, he shows his followers his more daring and sporty side, hiking, snorkeling, biking, paddle surfing, riding jet skis... and of course, also traveling in a camper . Every day he surprises us with new landscapes and quality nature photography. He is also an animal lover and always tries to have them accompany him on his adventures.

Hugo Pérez Furgoneta Camper Influencer

5. ÁNGELA ROZAS (@madamederosa)

Angela is not known by her first name, but by her internet name: Madame de Rosa. It all started when she opened her fashion and lifestyle blog in 2011, and since then she has appeared on a few TV shows, as well as behind the scenes as a stylist. A nurse by profession, her greatest growth has undoubtedly been in her Instagram profile, and we love seeing how people like her also give this camper adventure an opportunity. After all, she could be the clear example of a life with an always tight schedule, which needs its moments of disconnection. What better way to do it than with a getaway on the highway and away from the city?

Madame de Rosa Furgoneta Camper Influencer

6. JONAN WIERGO (@jonanwiergo)

An adventurer from a very young age, Jonan Beltrán Wiergo rose to fame thanks to the Beijing Express program in 2016. Since then, the Valencian has been able to show his most daring side in every project he has carried out. She loves to travel and her account could easily be the photo version of the world map. There have been several times that Jonan has bet on campervan routes, and in fact he was one of the faces of the draw carried out by the Voltereta restaurant (which we will tell you about a little below).

Jonan Wiergo Furgoneta Camper Influencer

7. AIDA DOMENECH (@dulceida)

It could be said that the path of Aida Domenech, generally known as Dulceida, has been very similar to that of the aforementioned Madame de Rosa. She opened a blog in 2009 under, precisely, the name by which she is known today, showing her passion for fashion, styling and a lifestyle up to date with the latest trends. The emergence of Instagram made him jump into public life at a faster pace, and he has participated in a few television shows. She has always shown herself as an influencer with a passion for traveling and an entrepreneurial spirit . She has also opted to do routes in a camper van, either in summer or winter.

Dulceida Furgoneta Camper Influencer


Surely you remember one of the most viral Instagram giveaways of 2020 in which the winner was given a camper van. The "culprit" for hundreds of thousands of Spaniards sharing this publication in their stories was the famous Valencian restaurant chain called Voltereta (which we have tried and we love, but that is another topic). The promotional action served as a springboard to announce the opening of its third establishment in the Valencian capital, and undoubtedly all of Valencia (and the entire country) echoed the news. The video of this promotion reached one million comments. The million! Everyone wanted the van that the restaurant team confirmed to have designed and camperized in a totally personalized way and, of course, very well equipped. “(…) with everything you need to travel the world . Just as it sounds: bed/sofa, kitchen, shower, table, decoration… to the point that we feel sorry to give it away after having done it with such enthusiasm (…)”, read the caption of the publication. The choice of the raffled product, the camper van, says a lot about the spirit of the restaurant. In fact, even our community feels identified with the hotel group whose flagship phrase is Welcome to the trip. I mean, what would life be if we didn't take it as an adventure? What would it be like if we limited ourselves to what we know, if we didn't risk it?

The conclusion drawn by many articles mentioning this marketing action, and with which we also agree, is that Spanish society wants small changes. The lifestyle that we knew until now is thirsty for more. A trip in a campervan may not radically change your life, but it does not leave you indifferent. The experience of living in freedom, on the road, in full contact with nature, going with what is fair and necessary (without forgetting take one of our caps to protect you from the Sun) and share quality time with those who make that everything makes sense... that's what really matters.

Now, who won the campervan? Her name is Marta Carceller and, as we have collected from different headers that covered the news, she left a total of 28 comments on the publication. There were users who came to put approximately 100 and, therefore, without any kind of faith that they were going to win the draw, they did not even get into the live they did from the Instagram account of the restaurant in which they announced the winner. . It was her friends who had to warn her to get in. Go figure! Actually, it's quite understandable. That is, we always tend to think that "Instagram giveaways never happen" but... do you remember the one we did? Exact! We are the first to want to accompany you on this journey , which is life. Awaken that adventurous spirit that we know you have inside.

Sorteo Camper Voltereta


Well, the first thing we recommend is that you read our previous article that talked precisely about these camper vans. Now, do you want to try the camper experience and don't know where to start? Well, then let's get to work! We have told you about the different influencers who have liked it, but the truth is that there are many other accounts that can help you with this task of converting yourself. They make it look easy! They are profiles that have specialized in telling on their social networks everything there is to know about this topic, and all of them let us sneak inside their houses with wheels. Just with that, we are all bitten by the bug. What will it be like to really live the #VanLife to the fullest?

The first account we've had our eye on is called @thevandreams. Behind her are Raquel and Jesús, a couple from Madrid who have been "discovering life through a van since 2015", as their Instagram biography states. Its content is everything you want to see when you're on your way to work wondering when the next weekend is when you can escape out of town. Sea, mountains, sunsets, breakfasts with views, surfing on remote beaches... who wouldn't want to live a life like this? At least we can live it through your camera.

We have discovered another slightly smaller account but with a quality of content that has completely hooked us. It's called @roadforgreta and, as you may have already deduced, the protagonist is her Volkswagen Multivan van called Greta. Its owners, Ana and Marco, travel to endless places and share it with their followers, and although this vehicle is already 30 years old, they take care of it as if it were one of the family and it shows. We love it!

The last account we want to show you is called @woodvans_loren and his owner has a real passion for vans. He lives "on the road", as he shows in his stories when he arrives in new places in full contact with nature. We really like his entrepreneurial spirit. What is more Indian than daring? He is carrying out a documentary project called “This is #VanLife”, in addition to having founded a company that specializes in converting, homologating and repairing vans called Woodvans handmade.

Van life Furgonetas Camper