Perros con Gafas de Sol


Dogs with Sunglasses

I don't think there's anyone who owns a dog who hasn't tried sunglasses 1, 2, 3, or a billion times. It is a classic and one of the funniest photos to have on your phone or share with your friends.

Sunglasses, glasses, ski goggles... any Gafa is good for laughing with your dog for a while and updating it with the best canine optical fashion.

But in addition to putting glasses on your dog for pure fashion or fun, did you know that dogs also wear glasses in some cases by veterinary prescription? In many cases, it is not a matter of aesthetics but of health. There are cases in dogs with eye diseases that prevent them from seeing clearly such as cataracts, glaucoma, etc. The vet treats the animal with his own medications for each disease but also prescribes the use of sunglasses to better protect them.

goggles for dogs are recommended by veterinarians in cases such as:

  • Sun protection for animals that go to the beach or in the snow, to avoid eye injuries due to long exposure to the sun.
  • Protection against foreign objects for cases where the dog may be playing in areas with a lot of vegetation, urban objects, etc.
  • Protection against insects in areas with diseases that can be transmitted, for example by mosquitoes, in areas with a lot of wind such as the beaches of Tarifa on a strong easterly day.
  • Protection after eye surgeries.
  • Eye protection in flat animals, which bring their eyes very close to the ground when sniffing.
  • Eye protection for working dogs (rescue dogs, police dogs, hunting dogs...).
  • Corneal protection in cases of hypersensitivity to ultraviolet rays.
  • Eye protection for blind animals, to avoid hitting objects that are in their way.

Sometimes seeing a dog with glasses is funny but other times it softens you to see that the poor thing may be suffering. But since there is already a lot of time to suffer, today we bring you some funny photos of dogs with sunglasses, we hope you like them!!

Perro con gafas de sol

Perro y gato con gafas de sol

Perro con gafas de sol y un corazón rojo

Perro con gafas de sol negras

Perro con gafas

Perros con gafas de sol

Perro con moto harley davidson

Perro negro con gafas de sol de aviador

Perro playero con gafas de sol y patito amarillo