Dronies: la nueva moda de hacerse selfies con drones


Dronies: the new trend of taking selfies with drones

Drones are becoming increasingly important when it comes to recording a huge diversity of things, including people's daily lives. Furthermore, taking selfies, after a boom in this phenomenon, has become routine. These two trends have combined and a new passion has been born: drones, which is explained in the YouTube video below.

Dronies, a combination of the Anglicanisms drone and selfie, cconsists of filming, recording or photographing oneself using these unmanned vehicles from a Closed plane and open it, moving the drone away, until you get a panoramic view, as you can see in the different examples posted in the video.

This idea arose with the viralization on Vimeo and YouTube of a video made by technology entrepreneur Amit Gupta, who recorded himself with two friends on the Altos de Bernal hill in San Francisco with a drone . They did it in such a way that the flying robot got further away until it got an incredible view of almost the entire city. Since it emerged from that video, various similar posts began to appear on Vimeo, which were collected by Dao for the portal's new channel, videos very similar to those seen on the YouTube video.

Is the days of the selfie stick numbered? Is the drone the ideal and future tool to take these types of photographs and recordings? What do you think?