El aeropuerto de Helsinki, tuneado como una enorme pista de Skate


Helsinki airport, tuned up as a huge skate park

Of course, practicing skating in forbidden places has always had its morbidity. Can you imagine being able to practice this sport in an airport? Without a doubt, it is a type of installation that is full of good spots to fly with your skateboard.

Well, the airline Finnair and Finavia, Finland's state civil aviation corporation, have recently used this idea to promote Helsinki airport with the aim of communicating its advantages as a hub or connection for flights between Europe and Asia.

Arto Saari, the famous 32-year-old Finnish photographer and skateboarder professional, surely he welcomed the invitation of his country's main airline to carry out this initiative. As soon as they told him about the proposal, dubbed “Match made in HEL”, he did not hesitate to recruit and form a team of seven skaters like Curren Caples, Matt Berger and Louie López to materialize it (and enjoy it to the fullest in the meantime, of course).

The event took place on October 12 and 13, during which time the airport turned into an unusual and spectacular skating rink.

Watch the video of invitation to Saari and his skate team that Finnair and Finavia prepared after taking a series of shots and recordings at the airport:

Anyway, who wouldn't want the opportunity to practice and try tricks in a setting like this, full of magnificent skate spots?

«Converting the airport into an unusual and enormous skating rink seemed like an original way of reimagining these spaces, since the time spent at the airport is also an important part of the trip that should be taken into account,” explains Finnair Vice President Jarkko Konttinen.

On the other hand, Ville Haapasaari, director of the airport and vice president of Finavia, assures that "on many occasions, airports are perceived as very stressful places of passage and with this initiative we intend to demonstrate that Helsinki is different"