El estilo sport también es moda: moda sportwear


Sport style is also fashion: sportwear fashion

Sport style is also fashion: supportwear fashion

It is very common that, when we see a fashion show or look at a fashion magazine, the most daring proposals are those that triumph among the most knowledgeable and up-to-date, considering it the maximum trend or the maximum exponent of fashion at that time. The challenge is knowing how to transcribe these creations and take them to the street. And it is precisely from the street itself that we can extract, as we have done before on many occasions, other trends, those of streetwear or urban fashion.

Fashion isn't just tailored suits, couture and well-knotted ties. Fabrics made with cotton, sneakers that have covered so many kilometers in recent seasons or casual, relaxed and carefree accessories can also become a trend. It is the most sporty and cheerful face of the industry, what we know as sportwear and they are garments that are chosen by the bulk of humanity in their day to day, day after day.

Everyone knows that the street feeds on the fashion catwalks in the same way that it happens the other way around, with which, sport fashion can also be part of and need to be reflected in the largest showcase of the industry: the fashion magazines. And this is precisely our vision.

The Indian Face is an urban, casual and sportwear fashion brand for men, women and children. We continually renew the collections by introducing new models and designs in our collections. We believe in sport fashion and we are proud to be spearheading this style.