Encuentran en Noruega un esquí de hace más de 1300 años


They find in Norway a ski from more than 1300 years ago

Impressive discovery in the Norwegian snows. They have found a large wooden ski, recently released by a glacier. Said ski was inside the ice and had remained so for more than 1,300 years.

This ancient found ski measures 172 centimeters long and 14.5 centimeters wide. In addition, it preserves leather bindings for the support of the feet; very rudimentary, of course.

It has been found in an area of ​​Norway where hundreds of ancient objects have been discovered in recent years due to the progressive melting of the area. It is very likely that objects of this nature will continue to emerge in the area in the future.

The discovery is of great help to historians, anthropologists and archaeologists since it can be a very good source of information about the customs and daily life of the Nordic peoples of that time. Specifically, we can learn about how they interacted with ice, snow, and how they moved across it using skis and other similar methods of transportation.