Ain’t no mountain high enough! Disfruta de la montaña con las gafas de sol polarizadas de The Indian Face


Ain't no mountain high enough! Enjoy the mountains with The Indian Face polarized sunglasses

Are you a lover of adventure sports? Do you love being in contact with nature and enjoying a beautiful day surrounded by flora and fauna? Does hiking help you relax and eliminate all the tension accumulated at work? Is there nothing you love more than contemplating the views from the top of a mountain? In that case: congratulations! You are a true adventurous spirit.

For people like you, who enjoy breathing pure and clean air from the most remote place, at The Indian Face we want to teach you a valuable lesson: playing sports is healthy... if you take the necessary precautions! And, for this very reason, we remind you that that pleasant sun that you enjoy in the middle of the mountain is harmful to your skin and your eyesight.

The good thing is that to prevent damage from harmful radiation you have it very easy: to protect yourself from possible burns, use sunscreen. And, for the eyes, don't forget your polarized sunglasses: they are full of benefits!

4 factors to take into account when choosing your polarized sunglasses to go to the mountains

What requirements must polarized sunglasses meet to be optimal for use on your excursions and activities in the mountains? Pay attention!

1. The lighter, the better

When you go to practice adventure sports or simply when you want to enjoy the good weather in the company of your loved ones, you want to feel free. Polarized sunglasses must have a light frame that does not bother you or give you a feeling of heaviness in the support areas.

2. Comfort above all else

Adaptable and ergonomic. Polarized sunglasses should offer you maximum comfort so that you can carry out any activity without having to worry about them. In addition, it is essential that they fit your physiognomy well and hold perfectly.

3. Compatibility with other plugins

In this type of getaway it is advisable to bring other accessories to protect yourself from the sun or possible blows, such as caps or helmets. It is especially important that your polarized sunglasses are compatible with these items. You will go armored!

4. How should the lenses of your polarized sunglasses be for going to the mountains?

The lenses of polarized sunglasses allow more or less light to pass through depending on their category (in a range from 1 to 4). If you want versatile sunglasses that allow you to see well at any time, we recommend category 3 lenses, which allow between 8 and 18% of sunlight to enter and are better adapted to varied or changing circumstances.

Enjoy like a free spirit without playing with your health with polarized sunglasses from The Indian Face

Aren't you looking forward to unleashing your adrenaline and filling your lungs with the pure air of the mountains? Equip yourself properly with the polarized sunglasses available in the online catalog at and discover a new way of enjoying the outdoors.