Espectacular Kite Surf impulsado por un Mini


Spectacular Kite Surf powered by a Mini

Take a look at this curious Kite powered by a car that Marc Jacobs tested with the help of the Switch Kites Team.

Building a car that works with the force of the wind and that runs completely clean was the goal of this challenge.

Jacobs found an old Mino and came up with the idea to take it to his shop and put it on a strict weight loss diet in which the car lost the engine, fuel tank and unnecessary parts . Then he added a series of pieces to it, gave it a coat of paint, and voila.

They chose the New 15m Element Kite model as their power source because of how easy and safe it is to use.

This video was recorded on the beach in Ohope, New Zealand and the protagonists managed to put the first vehicle powered by a Kite at a speed of 61 kilometers per hour . Not bad, right?