Esquí Acuático: que es, que necesitas y donde practicarlo


Water Skiing: what it is, what you need and where to practice it

What is water skiing? Surely you have asked yourself this question on more than one occasion if you have never enjoyed this sport, and water skiing is one of the most practiced, more fun and the ones that give you the greatest adrenaline and sensations.

If we had to define what water skiing is, we could say that it is a hybrid between surfing and “lifelong” skiing. In other words, it is an extraordinary water sport that combines the best of one of the sports carried out in the water par excellence with one of the sports that provide the greatest adrenaline in the "terrestrial" field. The way to practice it is very simple in its mechanism, but not so easy in its execution. Thus, you will need a good dose of reflexes and balance to stay on your feet skiing on the water while you are holding on to a rope that is in turn pulled by a boat.

Once you have overcome the first experiences in which it will be difficult for you to get into the rhythm, you who like risk and emotions to the limit will enjoy a lot with this sport that will offer you surprising speeds, as well as an infinity of spectacular maneuvers that, thanks to the power of the motorboat that propels you, you will perform riding on one or two skis. There are different modalities that you can put into practice. For example, you will be able to do from the newest discipline of "wakeboard" to the more classic modalities based on the modalities of "slalom", "figures", "jumps", the "combined" modality or the one called "barefoot" modality.

If what you want to know is the material that you will need to practice this fantastic sport, tell you that the specific material will depend on the modality that you decide to practice, but as a general rule it can be said that the essential basic material is the boat (or another means of drag such as a helicopter, since there is even a modality of water skiing in which you will be driven by a helicopter instead of a high-powered boat), skis, the board on which you are going to ride, a good neoprene suit and the rest of the technical material that requires both protection and support (grip elements, etc.).

If you already know what water skiing is and what you need to practice this lively sport, you may be interested in discovering places where you can practice it. If so, you are in luck because water skiing, contrary to what you may think, can be practiced in places with sea, but it can also be done in places far from the sea, specifically in lakes and swamps.

Name specific places where you can practice water skiing would mean making an endless list, since both nationally and internationally there are interesting points scattered throughout the Spanish geography that are optimal for practicing it. Thus, for example, and beyond points such as the Canary Islands or the Balearic Islands, there are unavoidable reference points such as Seseña, in Toledo, a world reference for this sport that will make you fall in love.