Esquí alpino: D-Air System, un airbag para pruebas de velocidad


Alpine skiing: D-Air System, an airbag for speed tests

It is possible that during the val Gardena descent, next December 19 and 20, we will see for the first time the use, by high-level skiers, of an airbag safety system being tested speed.

The FIS (International Ski Federation), after continuous research, development and tests, has approved the use of the airbag in tests where skiers reach 140 kilometers per hour and, therefore, Accidents can have very serious consequences.

After the crashes that have occurred in recent years -such as that of Hans Grugger in 2011- the implementation protocols for this new security system have precipitated, capable of absorbing more of 60% of the force caused by the impact in a fall.

The device weighs about 800 grams and includes a computer, GPS and battery. After a strong impact, such a device would take 100 milliseconds to inflate. In addition, an inflation algorithm controls the deployment and differentiates between a normal race jump and a fall.

According to FIS research, this airbag could reduce the probability of serious accidents occurring by 85%. The Federation points out that more than 25% of accidents affect the back, neck, cervical and spine.

Today, only the Dainese corporation distributes the device, baptized as D-Air System. The engineers who have developed it ensure that its use leads to changes in the preparation or training of skiers.