¡Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre Lucía Martiño!


Everything you need to know about Lucía Martiño!

She is one of the best surfers in our country. And for a couple of months he has been part of our The Indian Face, Uller Co and Hanukeii team. Do you want to know more about her? Read on!

Lucía Martiño she was born in Gijón, in the province of Asturias, and for this reason, from a very young age she was very connected to the sea. Today he is a celebrity of Spanish surfing and with good reason, since his sporting and non-sporting successes are numerous.

The Asturian started surfing at the age of 11 and since then she has not separated from her board. His ability to catch waves has earned him a large number of awards and achievements since the beginning of his career. Among them, we can highlight her achievement as Spanish Surfing Champion in 2010, 2013 (runner-up) and 2014; third place in Billabong Sopelana ProJunior in 2011; first place in Airwalk Lacanau ProJunior (France) in 2012; and third place in Franito ProJunior in 2014. It is also number 45 in the women's World Surf League.

Lucia Martiño

According to Lucía Martiño, a surfer's day begins at 8 in the morning and requires 4 hours a day, combining it with 5 days a week of physical training. Professional surfing is a very individual sport, all she needs is a personal trainer and everything else (registrations for the championships, flights and hotels, and the management of her image and personal brand) is handled by herself. The Surf Federation does not have as much money as other sports such as soccer, so athletes have to pay all the expenses.

The Asturian woman has traveled the entire sea and although she has Gijón in her heart, she recognizes that it is still difficult for her to get in when the water is a bit cold. In addition, she holds the title of 'instagramer surfer', but she is only one of the many who accumulates her table along with that of Champion of Spain. This is the life of a true surfer, who recognizes that her waves have the song 'Plage' by The Crystal Fighters as a soundtrack.

Lucía Martiño is clear: “Being a surfer is as cool as it seems”. Despite the fact that her job consists of training, training, and training, the athlete recognizes that traveling is one of the most interesting parts of her job. Likewise, the worst thing for Lucía Martiño is winter training, since it is very cold and the paradisiacal beaches and heat do not last throughout the year.

Lucia Martiño

Starting surfing was like a game, and he liked it. This is how Lucía Martiño responded to Cosmopolitan magazine about how the story of her life began with her beloved sport, surfing: “I started surfing because I liked it. From there, I went to some competition with the school where I was learning and I started to do well. They chose me in the Spanish Junior Team to go to the European Championships when I was fourteen years old and I already began to get more involved in that world. It was in the European Pro Junior Circuit, in which I was third, where I had to make the decision of whether I wanted to continue surfing or not. Mine was to continue.

Despite having traveled the beaches of almost the entire world looking for the most incredible waves, Lucía Martiño knows that Spain is an incredible country and when she has had to spend long periods away from home she has Realizing how lucky you are to be from Spain. The Asturian has a tattoo that says "live in the moment." For her, that is her mantra.

Lucía Martiño she doesn't want to think about the future and prefers to go on the go, but yes, always related or linked to surfing. If in the future she leaves the competition, the athlete wants to continue with her trips, and that they are related in some way or another to the sport.

Lucia Martiño

Has Lucía Martiño noticed differences in male and female surfing?

The Asturian has it clear. She believes that despite the fact that boys can become stronger and their twists are different, more and more women are finding themselves in the world of waves. His benchmark is Kelly Slater, a surfer who has accumulated numerous titles in the World Cup and continues, even at the age of 45, very involved in the world of surfing and competition.

When Lucía is not catching waves she likes to spend time with her family and friends in her hometown, Gijón. She is a lover of Asturias and she loves coming home to spend a few relaxing days with her loved ones, and who doesn't like to relax with the ones they love the most?

Also, we would like to highlight that our professional athlete and member of our Indian Crew is not only an athlete: the Asturian woman has combined her professional life in surfing with studying a degree in Business Administration at the University of La Rioja, for which makes it clear to us that Lucía is not only successful in her sport, but in many other aspects of her life. Someone daring who has fought for his dreams and who has never been afraid of the new challenges he encountered along the way.

Lucia Martiño

For all these reasons, Lucía Martiño is a clear #IndianSpirit and we could say that she was born to surf (among many other things).

At The Indian Face® we are very proud to call her our AMBASSADOR and member of our Indian Crew - Sports Team.

Did you know the Asturian before? Do not hesitate to continue investigating about her and discover what are her next goals and achievements in the world of waves!