Moda Surfera: El Surf y su Moda


Surf Fashion: Surfing and its Fashion

Surfer Fashion: Surfing and its Fashion

Surfing is a very famous sport worldwide and it is thanks to this fame that it sets trends in the fashion of sportswear of men, women and children of all ages and in many different cultures.

A bit of Surfing History

The Surf was practiced more than five hundred years ago in the islands of Polynesia. Evidence of its existence has been found in Peru of this sport in pre-Inca times, in remains of ceramics called huacos, where figures of men appear gliding over the waves on boards made of wood.Thanks to these findings, it is believed that the practice of surfing originated in South America, although it was the Polynesians who made it known in other lands such as Hawaii, where it reached the peak of popularity from the 20th century, thanks to the US military established on the island, who found their passion in this sport.It also served to boost fame the Olympic work of the Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku of surfing.In Australia and California surfing became very popular and a subculture was created that soon spread to other parts of the globe.

In the 1960s, surfing was practiced on small waves and with boards that stood out for their large size. Oscar Rodríguez was the first of the surfers who dared to conquer bigger waves and perform various pirouettes, acrobatics and movements on the waves.

Surfing Today

In our days surfboards are designed and manufactured following the fundamentals of aeronautical engineering and hydrodynamics, which improves the performance of the athletes who practice it. Today's surfing stunts are the product of the evolution of Australian surfing that is characterized by executing energetic and wide movements. The most important manufacturers of surfboards have their headquarters in the United States, Australia and in Southern Europe. The most popular destinations for surfing are Australia and Southeast Asia. In Latin American countries such as Chile and Brazil there are also many beaches that offer excellent conditions for practicing this sport.

When we are going to practice a sport it is very important that we wear appropriate clothing, that is, sportswear that has been specially designed for this purpose, because in this way we will feel much more comfortable than wearing other clothing. Surf clothing out of the water is characterized by being light and those who practice it usually use basically: surf shoes to walk comfortably on the sand, surf swimsuits, which are wide and allow mobility on the board and t-shirts for the moments when They are on the beach. The fabrics used to make surfwear are usually more resistant than conventional ones to prevent them from wearing out from exposure to seawater, sand, and the sun. The patterns used in surfer clothing are generally colorful and cheerful, with designs based on Hawaiian motifs.