FMX Gijón 2014: David Rinaldo sale campeón


FMX Gijón 2014: David Rinaldo wins

Last Saturday, December 27, 2014, the French rider David Rinaldo beat the talented José Miralles, who was in first place until then, in the 2014 Gijón Freestyle event. The podium was , finally, with Rinaldo as the winner, Miralles in second place and Edgar Torrenteras in third position.

The latter scored his first points in the event when he placed first in the High Jump event. In addition, he was left with an 8.9, behind José Miralles' 9, in the Best Folded test. Tough duel between the three members of the podium at the end of the competition.

In fact, in the final moment it was when Rinaldo marked differences with his performance in the Freestyle test with which he added 9.5 points , an excellent note that meant he won the championship.

David Rinaldo started riding dirt bikes from a very young age. At the age of 13, he decided to focus on freestyle. Descending from a motorcycle family, at that age he already knew a good variety of tricks on which to base his learning. At the age of 21 he was already known in France as a new school pilot but with an old school air. Rinaldo made it to the Red Bull X-Fighters World Championship roster as one of the best riders. Many say that in 2015 he can finish exploding, we will be following him and very attentive to his progression.