Formigal celebra su 50 aniversario este invierno


Formigal celebrates its 50th anniversary this winter

The Formigal ski resort turns 50 this winter and they are preparing a very special season so that this year's visitors can enjoy a series of extras that the guys from Aramón are preparing. They even designed a logo on purpose for the occasion!

If you are planning an outing, an excursion or a ski vacation in a Spanish resort, Formigal could be a good option taking into account everything they are preparing to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

On the occasion of this 50th anniversary, a series of activities and initiatives related to the history of Formigal will be carried out:

1. Photo Contest: Those who have old photos, in which they appear skiing in Formigal many years ago, can share them on Formigal's Twitter, Facebook and Instagram social profiles. They explain the bases and possible prizes for participating in this contest.

2. Concerts and parties in the station's discos.

3. Competitions freestyle.

4. Popular descents.

5. Torch descents.

And I'm sure the station managers will come up with more ideas. As you can see, those from Aramón are committed to the active participation of visitors and skiers who visit them this winter.

Also tell you, since it may be of interest to you, that the station has made its season ticket available to the public at a special price: €82.50 per month. Also, that you know that they currently have the recruitment and hiring process open to face the new season.

And you? Have you ever been to Formigal? Do you plan to go this winter? Tell us your ideas and your experiences!

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