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Polarized glasses | Frequently asked questions and answers about glasses with polarized glass

polarized sunglasses are our specialty and therefore we feel very comfortable talking about them at The Indian Face®. As experts in optical fashion and sports fashion, we believe that they are a completely necessary accessory in everyday life, providing visual care and protection as well as being a great aesthetic element. The more necessary polarized sunglasses are when practicing outdoor sports.

The use of sunglasses has increased exponentially, so has the creation of new designs and shapes, designed for all tastes. Now worn both casually and sporty, glasses have crossed gender and age barriers, enjoying great popularity among men, women and children of all classes and professions, from celebrities and elite athletes to the more "ordinary" person.

In The Indian Face® we have a great variety of collections of sunglasses with polarized glass and, in addition, we explain the advantages of equipping yourself with a pair of polarized sunglasses and the reasons why you should choose them.

The advancement of technology and the growing trend towards digitization have encouraged adventurers and athletes to enjoy and take advantage of their excursions and getaways.

Next, we explain what exactly the technology behind polarized sunglasses consists of, and we answer the most frequently asked questions about these accessories.

gafas de sol polarizadas


What are polarized sunglasses? What does it mean when sunglasses have a polarizing effect?

What stands out about polarized sunglasses is that the lenses have a specific sheet that filters the sun's rays, also helps to eliminate annoying reflections, allowing the athlete to enjoy greater visibility and a much wider range of vision broad. The polarized sunglasses provide greater visual softness and comfort on the eyes of the wearer.

This type of glasses was used at first simply in practices such as sailing or water sports, since it was considered that the sun reflected on the water was very harmful and annoying.

Noting that the reflection of the sun's rays could also be harmful in other sports and even in everyday life, polarized sunglasses also began to be designed for snow or mountain sports.Nowadays, society is more aware when it comes to protecting its eye health, which is why the use of polarized sunglasses is more and more common, a fact that our eyes will appreciate.

What are polarized lenses? How do tinted windows work?

Sunlight reaches the eye from all possible perspectives. It becomes especially "unpleasant" when reflected on flat surfaces, as it causes eyestrain and glare.

A polarized lens works like a filter, blocking sunlight from reaching the eyes horizontally and allowing vertical light that is not harmful to the eyes to pass through.gafas de sol polarizadas

How to know which are the best polarized sunglasses?

The best models of polarized sunglasses are characterized by having filters that block light that is harmful to the eyes and that only allow the passage of useful light for our vision. The best polarized sunglasses offer glare-free vision with natural colors and contrasts. Another factor that determines that polarized sunglasses are of good quality is that they are made of materials such as TR90 or specialized polycarbonates, as they will add lightness to the glasses and make them more comfortable.

At The Indian Face we have models of polarized sunglasses to practice mountain sports, to go to the beach, to ski or snowboard, and, of course, to complete your look for the day with a touch protection and fashion. Our glasses are designed inspired by avant-garde styles that make it really easy to combine them with any outfit for men and women.

Eye health is complementary to fashion, you can be protected and comfortable with The Indian Face polarized sunglasses.

Should I choose a polarized sunglasses over one that is not?

Both are different, but if they have UV-400 protection, both are great options. However, the choice between one glasses or the other will depend largely on the use that is going to be given to this accessory. For occasions in which exposure to the sun is going to be prolonged and it is essential to ensure good visibility of the environment, sunglasses are an ideal option.

In everyday situations, however, its use will be more or less recommended depending on the characteristics of each user. People who are more sensitive to light may need more intensive use of polarized glasses on a regular basis. On the other hand, if you do not suffer from ocular sensitivity, the polarized glass is more dispensable on a day-to-day basis.

How do I know if sunglasses are polarized?
gafas de sol polarizadas

To check if sunglasses are really polarized place the glasses in a horizontal position and observe how the image is seen through the front glass. If the glass appears darker than normal and does not allow you to see through the interior of the glasses, your sunglasses are indeed polarized. In addition, it is normal for polarized sunglasses to include the letter "P" or the word "Polarized" on the inside of the temple. This detail certifies that the glasses are officially certified.

When to wear glasses with polarized lenses?

Polarized glasses are always a good option when we talk about journeys by car or motorcycle, since these are moments in which having good visibility of the road and the surroundings is essential to enjoy a safe journey. In addition, this type of lens reduces eye fatigue that is usually generated by spending prolonged periods of time behind the wheel.

Sunny summer days also invite you to wear polarized glasses, since the sun's reflections on asphalt or any flat surface will be avoided. On the other hand, polarized sunglasses are the model par excellence when practicing outdoor sports, especially in sports such as skiing or snowboarding, in which the sun reflects very aggressively on snow and poor protection can have fatal consequences on vision. In the same way, this type of sunglasses is useful for people who do cycling, running, hiking... Or any sport that involves long exposure to the sun.

What does it mean that sunglasses have UV 400 protection?

UV-400 protection works as a blocker of UV rays, UVA rays and UVB rays. If the crystals of your glasses are polarized or not, they have this quality, your eyes will be completely protected from these evil rays. Today, all approved sunglasses must comply by law with a series of standards, including light transmission (between 3 and 100% UV filter) at least 99% (UV400 labeling).

gafas de sol polarizadas

How to clean polarized sunglasses?

Keeping your sunglasses clean and cared for is an important factor if you want to have an optimal vision of the environment. The best option to keep them clean is to rub them gently with a microfiber cloth. If you consider that they are too dirty and you think that only with the cloth is not necessary, you can wet them with warm water and remove the moisture with a cotton cloth. Below you can access an article in which we explain step by step how to perfectly clean your sunglasses!

Are polarized sunglasses for men or women?

Polarized sunglasses are a complement that adapts to both men and women. They have a unisex structure and a variety of colors.

What lens categories do polarized sunglasses have?

There are several types of polarized sunglasses, since there are several levels of categories depending on the use that is going to be given to the glasses. On the one hand, we can find polarized sunglasses with clear glass, whose filters allow 80% of light to pass through, and which belong to category 1. It is recommended to use these glasses on cloudy days.

For days when the sun is only in the sky, it is advisable to have dark polarized sunglasses, which let between 10 and 20% of light through, and which are grouped into categories 2 and 3 .

If, on the other hand, you are going to carry out some type of outdoor activity in an environment with snow where the reflections of the sun become more intense, you can opt for specific glasses for this situation that barely let light through . We would be talking about a category 4 glasses. It is very important that you do not use this type of glass to drive; It is prohibited by law, since you will hardly see your surroundings.

gafas de sol polarizadas

Where to buy polarized sunglasses?

Buying polarized sunglasses on the Internet can be a challenge for those who are not used to doing so and who need to try on the items they are going to buy before buying them, and who also, they do not have much knowledge about the sector and may not know exactly what are the best polarized sunglasses on the market.

At The Indian Face® we offer sunglasses with polarized lenses that have been created and manufactured by experts, to guarantee the best quality in every possible aspect. We understand and share the needs of adventurers and athletes who need to equip themselves with good quality equipment for practicing sports or traveling.

We hope that this detailed information on the characteristics of polarized sunglasses has aroused curiosity in you to enter our online catalog and choose polarized sunglasses.