Fuerteventura: un paraíso para el windsurf


Fuerteventura: a paradise for windsurfing

Fuerteventura is without any doubt a paradise for windsurfing, since the Canary Island has unique conditions for practicing this sport and people come from all over the world to enjoy their passion, to enjoy windsurfing .

There are many points on the Canary Island that could be called interesting for windsurfing, but without hesitation we can say that if one stands out greatly, this is none other than the one located in the Sotavento beach area. The René Elgi Pro Center (I and II) spot is located there, considered one of the best in all of Europe.

In this site you will find scandalously favorable weather conditions for windsurfing, and everyone who comes to enjoy a few good days in “plan wind” will be able to enjoy the best variables to go out planning. The wind is undoubtedly the star variable of the place, and you will always find it blowing at all hours of the day and night, day after day and year after year (with honorable exceptions, of course) and during the hottest months. of the year (from June to August) blowing at 5 Bft. almost 100% of the time.

So much calm in the conditions for practicing windsurfing means that this area is obviously very crowded by other windsurfers, you will notice such a crowd simply when you get closer to the sea, a vision of multiple sails will put you into action and you will notice the call to launch yourself, to sail the sea with the others.

In addition, another of the great advantages of going windsurfing in that area is the large number of services for windsurfing that exist in the area, even if you do not go with your own equipment you can use the material that you will find in the zone. You can also check the anemometer and the “windguru” forecast.

Once at sea, on top of your board and with a well-selected sail, you will enjoy intense and constant winds, not gusty at all, with uniforms and big waves. Conditions that undoubtedly attract pros and if you are in the area around four in the afternoon (the time when the wind reaches its zenith) you will be able to see what it is like to be hit by a forward of more than 10 meters in height a short distance from you. Finally, are you curious to know why the winds are so intense in this area? You will find the answer in the trade winds, and also because you will find this spot located right in front of the leeward nozzle. All this (together with a typical Canarian climate in which you will never get cold) makes this place a busy place all year round, although as you have already seen in previous lines there are more propitious months for windsurfing, but without that in no case does this mean that the rest of the year is not suitable, since it absolutely is.