¡Así de bien luce una chica con gorra! Conoce las tendencias más de moda en 2020


This is how good a girl with a cap looks! Discover the most fashionable trends in 2020

Girls in caps are making it big on the internet! Have you heard about the popular ‘aesthetic’ girls? The 'aesthetic' style or “aesthetic” style is a new fashion in 2020 based on the nostalgia that the nineties bring us, in which different accessories are exalted such as caps, glasses with colored crystals, high boots, plaid flannels and exaggerated bright makeup.

Today it is very common to see this type of fashion on the internet on social networks. Surely you have already seen this iconic girl with a cap dressed in the aesthetic style on your mobile, wearing different outfits inspired by the fanaticism of the 90's and the fashion of this era. This is precisely what defines the style that these girls wear on a daily basis, and which they also transfer to all the accessories they use, from their mobile phone casings to their water bottles, thus creating the same visual aesthetic.

What are aesthetic trends?

Several sub-styles of aesthetic fashion are currently identified that are based on this same premise. There are the so-called E Girls (E-Girls), the Tumblr Girls (Tumblr Girls), and the “VSCO” Girls (VSCO Girls). Have you heard of these trends? Fashion has evolved a lot over the years, but today we notice that fashion rather returns to be inspired by the past and repeats itself, but adding modern and youthful details of today.

To give you an idea, the classic outfit of this trend is represented very well by, for example, a girl with a colorful cap , who uses bright accessories, lots of glitter, comfortable fabrics, long t-shirt dresses , croptops, and uses pastel colors and eccentric hairstyles that make them look gorgeous within their style. I'm sure you've seen them happen on your Instagram or Tiktok profile at some point!

These ‘aesthetic’ internet sub-trends are very interesting. Discover with us what defines them and why they are so popular on social media!

Chica con gorra


E-girls are a whole movement of fashion and counterculture on the internet, who call themselves “anti-influencers”. It is a bit similar to the term "hipster" that emerged around 2010, which precisely sought to be different and "anti-fashion", but achieved the complete opposite.

In their search to reject the perfect fashion that some social networks like Instagram suppose, many girls called “E-Girls” have chosen to concentrate very eccentric, bright and crazy wardrobes, and upload their photos and videos to other social networks more youth like the recent Tiktok, trying to distinguish itself from the rest.

However, they are currently the subject of fashion and influence, and have become a trend that many have adopted as their own, massifying and popularizing it as is normal with other trends on the Internet.

The style of E-girls is complete from head to toe. An e-girl is defined as a girl with a cap combined with her bag, clothes, shoes, makeup and accessories. Nothing comes out of the aesthetics they carry. This is one of the characteristics that most defines this type of trend: they bring fashion to all aspects of their lives, inspired by the 90's but adapted to today. They are also very inspired by anime, so with all their attire they try to look like some kind of doll or cartoon.

E-Girls' style is very exaggerated, and they wear many accessories of the same type at the same time. For example, many necklaces attached to the neck, many rings and many other extravagant items in a single outifit. In addition, they often dye their hair in bold and unconventional colors like pink, green, purple, and blue, and even wear more than one color at the same time.

Chica con gorra


A Tumblr girl has a more popular and less eccentric style than E-Girls. They stand out for being girls who show a very fun and luxurious lifestyle, even with few resources, always showing fantastic, almost professional photographs. They stand out for having a “cool” style, equally inspired by the nineties and also exaggeratedly combined.

The Tumblr Girl always seeks to be an influencer in her digital environment, showing a lot of perfection in details: the perfect clothes, perfect skin, perfect hair. They use a lot of photo filters and their makeup is always very exaggerated, especially the eyes.

They are characterized by putting together the attire they wear in great detail. They do not necessarily show well-known fashion brands, since they stand out more for wearing unique and original pieces, especially second-hand, that no one else can wear, only them. Plus, they're the type to pack many styles into one outfit: they're not afraid to be a girl in a cap and wear sweatpants with heels. The important thing in this type of girls is the way they use the clothes and accessories as a whole, not the pieces separately.

The Tumblr Girls tend to upload their photographic and video content mainly on Tumblr, which is their preferred social network, but they are also very present on other platforms, especially YouTube.

Chica con gorra


VSCO girls wear an 'aesthetic' style more inclined to hippie and cuteness. Pastel and soft tones are one of her favorites, unlike the two trends mentioned above that tend to be more rock and dark.

In fact, the so-called VSCO Girl could even pass for "childish" due to the cuteness of their outfits, and they also tend to simulate a rather cartoonish look. Her style is just as exaggerated in the number of accessories, but more colorful and with details associated with nature.

With their light makeup they appear to be without makeup, to look and feel more natural. These girls strive to look very fresh, but always taking all the details of their outfit to the extreme, very combined with each other, to create the perfect aesthetic.

The outfits of these girls are more informal, and they don't seem to be thought out, but the truth is that everything they wear is very coldly calculated. They can vary between very light clothing in large sizes, or counteract with clothing in very small sizes. In addition, they alternate almost exclusively between sneakers with a checkered pattern, Crocs-style rubber, or open sandals.

These girls rarely dress up, and are proud of not being “in” because they feel unique. In addition, they lead a very pro-environmental lifestyle and this is precisely what is reflected in their outfits. For this reason, we see the classic VSCO Girl as a girl with a cap who always wears very comfortable and colorful clothes, and who always carries her own water bottle -glass or aluminum- in her hand, because of normal avoid using non-renewable resources that affect the environment.

Chica con gorra

The truth is that these new fashions of the internet and social networks are becoming more and more interesting! These three are one of the most iconic and popular in 2020, and that is why they are so similar to each other on an aesthetic level.

The three seek to leave “perfection” behind to find a more “unique” style with an apparent lack of combination, but the truth is that everything is very well thought out in the heads of these girls. These three styles may look a lot like each other, but I'm sure that with this information you'll be able to differentiate each one from the other the next time you see them on the internet, or when you're walking down the street!