Gisela Pulido, la mejor kitesurfer


Gisela Pulido, the best kitesurfer

The young Gisela Pulido, only 20 years old, has become a recent heroine of kitesurfing, and will undoubtedly be a living legend of this sport for many years and a key figure of kitesurfing for all eternity . This Catalan, born in the Barcelona coastal town of Premià de Mar, and currently residing in the Cadiz town of Tarifa, has to her credit, and despite her young age, an impressive track record.

Gisela has been nothing more and nothing less than 8 times freestyle kitesurfing world champion (uninterruptedly between 2004 and 2011 both inclusive) and 4 times PKR kitesurfing world champion (specifically in 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011).

In addition, Gisela, a goofy of position on the board and professional kitesurfer since 2003, also complements her track record with titles such as the Gravity Games gold medal (2005), Wave Master championship champion (2005) or champion of the European "Europa Junior" (2003). For all her career as a professional, for all her track record and for all the passion she puts into kitesurfing, Gisela has become, due to her own merits, a reference, or rather an icon, of kitesurfing worldwide. And it is not for less, when analyzing her entire career we can verify that in all probability we are facing one of the most precocious and prolific champions in the world of sports.

This heroine of the sea, from a very early age, when she traveled the Maresme coast where she was born (the Maresme coast, a central coast of the Catalan coast, very close to Barcelona that has a great tradition and follow-up of sports related to the sea) already showed great skills (as well as an enormous interest) in what was related to the sea. It was from the hand of his father with whom he entered into the passion of extreme water sports, for all this he began (after achieving his first great sports results with swimming) with kiteboarding in 2001, for only one year. then, in the year 2002, perform his baptism as a kitesurfer.

Gisela's water sports skills were very evident from shortly after she was born in 1994, but it was with her entry into the professional field of kitesurfing, but not before overcoming obstacles due to the reluctance of her parents that she taking part in professional competitions at such a young age, and with her first titles around the world that Gisela really began to dazzle with all her potential and show how far you can go in this sport.

There are many high points that we could mention in the sporting career of this exceptional athlete, but if we stop at the year 2011, for example, we find one of the key points in the sporting history of the young athlete. About to come of age, and still with a long sporting road to go, in this year 2011 Gisela is confirmed as the best kitesurfer in all of history by reaching the top of the podium for 8 consecutive times in a world championship. and he is also awarded the medal of the Royal Order of Sports Merit that is awarded by the Higher Sports Council.