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We know that practicing physical sports and doing physical exercise are technically not the same, but it is true that both are activities that involve the movement of skeletal muscles, along with this require an expenditure of energy, involve muscular strengthening and require of a previous physical and psychological preparation, especially if it is about extreme sports and adventure.

Athletes, sportsmen, adventurers, fitness people, and even yogies all agree that engaging in physical activity is extremely beneficial for the body, mind and spirit. spirit. Nothing like dedicating time to the activities that we are most passionate about, especially if they represent an internal balance for us.

If we love what we do, and we do it with passion, there will be nothing to stop us, because we really do what we like, and we are filled with adrenaline, energy and motivation. The important thing will always be to prepare correctly for it with the appropriate materials and implements, from footwear and clothing to the sports glasses that we use.


Why is it important to be prepared when doing sports?

Going out to play sports is excellent for your health, but wearing the correct equipment is essential or we won't meet our goals or protect ourselves from the elements.

And one of the issues that worries us the most today is solar radiation, and how this affects us, both our skin and our eyes and our vision. That is why going out to practice sports activities in the open air requires that we protect ourselves correctly with a good spray or cream sunscreen, and with good sports glasses that help us perform better, because it will guarantee us a better visual focus without compromising our vision.



First of all, it will be good to differentiate the practice of physical sport VS doing physical exercise.

Practicing a physical sport means carrying out a specialized, regulated and competitive physical activity, both personally and in relation to other competitors. This practice requires equally specialized and periodic training to be carried out, better if it is daily.

Exercising, for its part, involves carrying out a planned physical activity, specifically to exercise the body in a structured, routine manner and with repetitions of training, with the aim of improving one's own physical condition, as well as maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

There are those who exercise, and then there are those who want to combine it with the practice of a specific sport. Both ways of keeping the body moving are perfectly valid and, as we have already seen, they are different. However, they do have things and benefits in common:

  • They generate well-being
  • Improve physical, joint and muscle condition
  • They suppose the approach of objective and physical goals
  • They require physical and psychological preparation
  • They help to improve the health of the body and mind
  • They release endorphins, adrenaline and other hormones that positively influence our mood and self-esteem
  • Helps maintain a proper and healthy weight
  • Reduces the risk of disease
  • Slows down aging
  • Strengthens the circulatory and respiratory system
  • They require equipment/materials for their optimal execution.


The benefits are endless, especially when it comes to practicing extreme and adventure sports, which provide countless brave people in different disciplines, a different perspective of life and of themselves.

It has been proven that practicing adventure sports helps to discover new personal skills, talents that we did not know we had, strength, and drive that we discover along the way and that helps us reach our goal, to crown our summit, overcome our fears, defy nature and pedal to the end.

When the necessary security and protection measures are taken, the world of extreme sports reaches its maximum expression, and allows us to venture into unexplored and challenging terrain. Of course, they do pose a considerable risk, and despite this, extreme athletes know that preparing with all the necessary equipment is essential to achieve their objectives and minimize risks along the way, and protect themselves from the elements with their materials, footwear, clothes, and especially sports glasses.



Wearing sports glasses is essential in all physical sports activities that we carry out outdoors. The idea is to feel freedom of movement in every way to concentrate on the action and focus on nature. The sports sunglasses will be an excellent support tool when you practice exercise, sports disciplines and extreme and adventure sports.

We leave you some tips for choosing the best sports glasses:

  • The best sports glasses will always be those that meet the best quality standards endorsed by the EU. You should look at the warranty stickers that have UV400 protection to protect you from the sun's ultraviolet rays.
  • Think about the sport you are going to do or the exercise routine you are going to follow. Not all sports glasses are the same.
  • Choose glasses made of light and resistant materials that fit your face very well.
  • Look for sports glasses with interchangeable lenses so that it is easier for you to change the lens you need if there is excess or lack of light.
  • Don't buy glasses at the flea market. They will not protect you from anything and will also damage your eyesight.
  • Think about the time of day and the weather, sports glasses and the color of their lenses behave differently when exposed to different weather conditions.
  • Think about your eyes. Wearing sports sunglasses is essential to prevent eye diseases such as cataracts, melanomas, and even take care of ocular cancer.


Playing sports is wonderful, and we do it because we don't love it and because we know it's the best for us and our physical and mental health. But care can always go further. So take all the precautions and protect yourself well to achieve all your sports goals.