Gafas ¡Uno de los inventos más revolucionarios de la historia!


Glasses One of the most revolutionary inventions in history!

There are plenty of curiosities when it comes to corrective glasses, sunglasses and sports glasses. And it is that glasses in themselves were a revolutionary invention that completely transformed life as we know it.

Humans have always dedicated efforts to invent artifacts that help them evolve as a species. From the most challenging (such as flying without wings) to the most everyday, such as seeing correctly despite having any ophthalmological condition such as myopia or farsightedness.

In ancient times, not being able to see correctly or being able to combat the incidence of sunlight and excess light seemed to be an irremediable limitation. But it is from the need to have a good vision that the origin of the glasses!


Having visual agility has always been a determining factor in people, as it is one of the most useful senses we have at our disposal. Although it is true that people with some visual disability take advantage of other senses to orient themselves and lead their lives normally, those who do have their sense of sight have always tried to make it as sharp and agile as possible.

A world without glasses and contact lenses would not be the same in any sense. The visual agility and protection that they provide us is infinite when we use the correct glasses. And it is that visual health is as important as any other aspect of our life, and we should not leave it for granted.

It may seem obvious and everyday, but there is always something new to discover about the glasses that we carry with us every day. Do you know where the origin of glasses comes from? His story is even more interesting, especially if you are as fascinated by glasses as we are!

Discover a little more about the story behind glasses, one of the most revolutionary inventions in the history of humanity!

Historia de las Gafas


According to ancient writings, corrective lenses date back to the 1st century. It is said that the Roman emperor Nero used an emerald stone to look through it and thus correct his myopia and be able to better observe the classic gladiator fights. Since then it was necessary to find a solution for this kind of limitations!

Later, already in the Middle Ages, what was then called a reading stone appeared in monasteries (usually it was a carved rock crystal) so that they could correct presbyopia to some extent. Interesting isn't it?

Glasses have always been a human need, and little by little artifacts were invented to help correct vision problems, sharpen visual agility and protect eyesight from the sun's rays and the weather Although back then, the first inventions were treated with a lot of taboo since they started their invention, because it seemed almost magic to be able to see correctly. But with time its development was imminent, since it was impossible to keep track of the manuscripts of the time without help.

The first written reference to the invention of glasses dates to the year 1306, at which time Friar Giordano of Pisa refers to the "spectacle" artifact in his sermon at Santa Maria Novella in Florence, describing them as an ingenious, artistic and necessary invention for the world. For its part, the first graphic representation of glasses can be seen in a fresco by Tommaso de Módena in which people appear using said glasses, presented a few years later.

Historia de las Gafas

But today, it is the German philosopher and theologian Nicholas of Cusa who is credited with inventing the first glasses with concave lenses, special for treating myopia, in the year 1458. Thus, the creation of corrective glasses gradually developed and adapted to the needs of people over time, initially using circular wooden bases held on the nose and eyelids, and depositing crystals on them. of many materials by way of proof, such as quartz, beryllium, and even the mixture of sand, potassium and sodium carbonate.

Then, in 1959, the French engineer Bernard Maitenaz did revolutionize the history of optics and the world with the creation of the first progressive lens. This type of glasses made it possible to see both near and far with the same glass. After many sketches, tests and patents, these pioneering and innovative glasses come onto the market, which would forever change the course of optics. Impressive, isn't it?

The truth is that the need to wear corrective glasses, sunglasses and sports glasses has always been present in the history of humanity, and its invention and collaborative development has helped many to improve their vision, and protect the eyes of the rays of sun and the weather.

Historia de las Gafas de Sol


The history of sunglasses is also very curious and interesting. The origin of sunglasses dates back more than 12.000 years, and of course, they have nothing to do with the modern sunglasses we know today.

The Eskimos were the ones who created this contraption, specifically the Inuit peoples in the arctic regions of North America. They were flattened glasses made of wood, sea shells, or walrus ivory, whose slits allowed them to see and at the same time be covered from the sun's rays and excessive light from the reflection of the snow. It was the need to protect themselves from all that that motivated these and other civilizations to find a solution that would help them live with better vision.

Today it is known that the main promoters of “glasses sunglasses” were Chinese judges in the 15th century, who smoked the lenses of their glasses to hide their expressions in court.

However, the first dark lenses created for the purpose of caring for the eyes were developed by James Ayscough, who opted to tint the lenses of his glasses blue or green to alleviate photo-sensitivity. Ayscough was a highly ingenious British optician, and is credited with designing and manufacturing scientific and optical artifacts with tinted lenses, including microscopes and glasses with tinted lenses, which he sold in his London shop from 1740.

From then on, the use of glasses sunglasses became popular over time, not only for its usefulness but also for its aesthetics and its participation in the fashion. Hence, mass production and sale began in 1920 by San Foster and his brand Fosta-Grantly, which sold its models of glasses sunglasses on American beaches in the East Coast of the country, until it became massive and sold wholesale nationally and internationally.

The fashion for sunglasses also had an important role in the military during World War II, specifically for airplane pilots who needed additional protection from the sun and light to maneuver correctly .

Gafas de sol


Today it is impressive to see how technology develops to improve our quality of life. Prescription sunglasses is one of those wonderful inventions. Today it is possible to get the best of both worlds, because we know that it is important that those with an eye condition also properly protect themselves from excess light.

The sun's ultraviolet rays are very harmful to eyesight and health. And if you are one of those who enjoys adventure and practices outdoor sports, you will know that there is no more ideal way to improve our technique than by wearing the appropriate eye protection equipment, which guarantees correct vision at the time of action.

If you practice snow sports such as snowboarding or skiing, or you love the adrenaline of mountaineering, trekking or mountain biking, or if you are one of those who travels to the beach to kayak on weekends, then remember that Correct, adjustable sports glasses are your best option. The best thing will be to opt for prescription sports glasses that allow you to enter your corrective lenses in their frame, and adapt them exactly to your size so that you can venture into the action correctly. You will notice that they adapt instantly!

Gafas de sol

Did you find it impressive? The truth is that the history of glasses complements and defines very well the great accessory that they are today in our lives. The glasses, whether they are corrective, sunglasses or sports glasses, have become the most useful and versatile accessory for everyday life, as well as in moments of adventure when we practice some sport. outdoor sport.

They are essential to ensure your vision, visual agility and eye care. We love wearing the best sunglasses always! And you, do you always carry your good pair of sunglasses with you?