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Great guide to skateparks in Spain. Discover the best skate parks!

Skate fans in Spain continue to grow. For decades, skateparks have not stopped being built in Spain to encourage the practice of urban sports.

This sport on wheels that has become so popular in recent years, has its origin in surfing. However, its closest beginnings are found in the empty pools of California. Many of them, which were abandoned, were used as authentic skate tracks where the first tricks took place.

The key moment when skateboarding saw the birth of the first parks was the drought of 1975, causing in the State of Los Angeles that innumerable pools did not have water for bathers. Skaters used them to glide with their skates.

Skateboarding is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports of the 21st century. Though born in California in the 1950s, when locals began surfing the streets of America on boards, skateboarding really took off in the 1970s and became popular in the 1990s and doesn't seem to slow down. flight.

Are you a lover of this urban sport as much as we are? We leave you below the best Skateparks in Spain. Discover them with us!



Los mejores Skatepark de España

  • Skatepark Madrid Rio

The Madrid Río skatepark is one of the best-known and most frequented skateparks in Madrid, this may be due to the fact that it welcomes both newcomers to surfskate or street skate, as well as those skaters who are already proficient in these sports. The facilities are quite complete, since they have both open and closed Bowls, as well as dunes... How to get to the Skatepark Madrid Rio?: Legazpi metro stop (lines 3 and 6).

Skateparks España

  • Skatepark Boadilla

This skatepark does not stand out for its size, but for how well the space is used, since the bowl has two sizes, one higher and one lower, which allows you to try out the different heights and power set your limits yourself and you will have more opportunities to do tricks. In addition, bikes are allowed for BMX lovers.How to get to Skatepark Boadilla?: Calle Francisco de Goya, number 16. (Intercity bus 574).

Skateparks España

  • Tres Cantos Skatepark

The Tres Cantos skatepark counts 1.000 square meters of skateable areas, which are divided into two areas: the bowl area, which has 400 square meters, has various heights and high-quality finishes. The other area is the Street area, which measures 600 m2 and is made up of several boxes of different heights, a manual pad with two opposite inclined planes, a jump ramp, a curved box, a pyramid, a rail... Perfect for being all the afternoon rolling! How to get to the Skatepark Tres Cantos?: Avenida de la Vega, 2 (interurban bus 712 or 713).

Skateparks España

  • Skatepark Alcalá de Henares (Skatepark La Garena)

This ride park is over 2.500 square meters. It is the largest in Madrid and is among the most modern and complete in Spain. It has the Bowl area and the Skate Plaza. The area where the ramps are located has an area of ​​684 m2 and the skating area, 872 m2. In addition, there is an area reserved for practicing parkour of 292 m2, and an access area in the shape of a square, with a space of 238 m2.How to get to the Alcalá de Henares Skatepark? : Catalina de Gamboa and Mendoza streets, parallel to Carlos III street, (La Garena Renfe Station).

Los mejores Skatepark de España

  • Skatepark Alcobendas

This Skatepark was renovated not long ago and is one of the most frequented in Madrid. It has two deep soaking tubs connected to a third. You can practice street skate or surfskate, and enjoy the level of local skaters.How to get to the Alcobendas Skatepark? : Valdelafuentes de Alcobendas municipal sports center. Manuel de Falla Metro (line 10).

Skateparks España

  • Skatepark Tetouan

The Tetuán skatepark is one of the first to be built in Spain, which is why it is so popular among skaters from Madrid. It is ideal for those skaters who like the street. It does not have ramps or a bowl, but it does have quarters and stairs with railings and curbs. If you are starting out in the world of skateboarding, the Skate Plaza in Tetuán is ideal. If you have an advanced level, its curbs, stairs and railings will allow you to perform highly difficult tricks.How to get to the Skatepark Tetuán?: Rodríguez Sahagún Park. Metro de Valdezarza or Antonio Machado (Line 7).

Los mejores Skatepark de España

  • Rubble Skatepark

Debris is a 'skatepark' created by a group of volunteers in 2014 in Madrid, in an abandoned area full of rubble, as its name suggests. The skaters began to remove ruins and build modules to skate until they had an authentic Do It Yourself skatepark. This Skatepark was created with materials that the skaters were finding, things that other volunteers gave them… The basis of everything was to have a good ground on which to skate.How to get to the Rubble Skatepark?: Crossing A-5 and Avda. Towns. (Camp).

Skateparks España

  • Skatepark Torrelodones

This skatepark was inaugurated in 2011 and has become one of the most iconic and popular spots in Madrid; It has hubbas, rails, stair segments and ramps. An added value of this space is that it has a pumptrack, which is ideal for practicing surfskate. Great for all tastes! How to get to Skatepark Torrelodones?: suburban train stop Torrelodones (Line C-3).

We recommend that you also visit skateparks like the one in Getafe, highly recommended for those who want to hit the streets and surfskate, the one in Leganés, also very complete and has a street area and ramp area, or the Torrejón de Ardoz park , which has a high quality and large track.

Skateparks España

  • La Nave skatepark (Indoor)

It is a space dedicated exclusively to Skateboarding, whose main floor has about 1.100 meters. The park is built with concrete and is led by ramps. “LA NAVE” consists of open bowls with a central island in the shape of the skatepark logo, a rainbow, wallrides, a box for grinding and doing manuals, an inclined plane and a wooden miniramp.How to get to La Nave Skatepark?: Calle Sierra de Grazalema nº11, Villanueva de la Cañada (interurban bus 581 or 627).


Los mejores Skatepark de España

  • La Poma Skatepark

Built in 2015, this skatepark welcomes all bikers, scooters, rollers and skaters who want to practice their tricks and improve their technique. La Poma is a large cement installation of more than 750 square meters, which makes room for it to be a very versatile space. It has a large bowl in the center, and other smaller bowls around it, with rails, drawers, a pool, stairs, quarters, dunes... Another area of ​​the park is more Street-style, as it has sequences of ramps and bars, combinations of flat-pyramid-stairs with bars and hubbas.How to get to La Poma Skatepark? : The La Poma Skatepark in Barcelona is located on Carretera del Sis Pobles, next to the soccer field, in Premiá de Dalt.

Skateparks España

  • Skatepark Canyelles

This skatepark is one of the 4 main ones in Barcelona along with Les Corts, La Marbella and Baró de Viver. The skatepark has 3 bowls, a snake-run and a street area with different levels. There is a ramp area and a street area. The park has three bowls, manual pads, curbs, railings, a euro gap and a pyramid. This skatepark is a good option for any skater of any level, since it has a wide variety of modules of different difficulties, which guarantees a good development of skate classes.How to get to the Skatepark Canyelles?: Vía Favència, 186A, 08042, Barcelona.

Skateparks España

  • Skatepark Les Corts

The Les Corts skatepark in Barcelona was built in 2014 and has a surface area of ​​2.200 square meters. It has an elongated and descending structure. It is a space with a polygonal shape, oriented to street skate. It consists of inclined planes, boxes, rails, manual pads of various heights, a mini pyramid and a ramp under the bridge where you can do wallrides.How to get to Skatepark Les Corts?: Skatepark Las Cortes, 08906, Barcelona, ​​B.

Skateparks España

  • Sant Boi Skatepark

This park is dedicated to the practice of skateboarding, roller, BMX -bici- and scooter. Relatively recently, the space was completely renovated, which now includes a reception ramp, a quarter ramp, hubbas -stairs- and rails, as well as pyramids and a dune, among other elements designed for both experts and beginners. The name that has been given to the skatepark is "El Puzle" referring to the star element of the space is the "quarter puzzle" a flown ramp in the shape of a puzzle piece, which rises from the ground making a closed curve. The park consists of equipment adapted to the taste of the city's skaters and designed in collaboration with the regulars of the place and fans of this sport.How to get to the Skatepark Sant Boi?: Carrer de Josep Torras i Bages, 55, 08830 Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona.

Los mejores Skatepark de España

  • Rubí Skatepark

This skatepark was also recently renovated and the objective of this reform was to increase the surface of the space, design a circuit for different levels of skaters and create a rest area so that companions can enjoy the space. The new part includes a large street type area and a bowl.How to get to the Rubí Skatepark?: Carretera de Rubí, 63 b, 08191 Rubí, Barcelona.

Skateparks España

  • Skatepark Free Zone

This skatepark has bowl and street areas for all levels. It has two bowls of different sizes. The street zone crosses the entire track and has numerous obstacles such as ground rails, curved curbs, waves, stairs and all kinds of ramps. The skatepark is surrounded by a garden area.How to get to the Zona Franca Skatepark?: Passeig de la Zona Franca, 99, 08038, Barcelona.

Skateparks España

  • Skatepark Platja D´Aro

The Skatepark Platja D'Aro has also been recently renovated. The old part, whose shape has been maintained despite the renovation, has a plan line that is followed by a pyramid with hubba and bar, and a quarter. In addition, it has a bar and a couple of drawers. The new part has a bowl with extensions and two "mini bowls". In addition, in the Skatepark Platja D'Aro, you will find a very cool and unusual croissant, pyramids and a two-level box.How to get to the Platja D'Aro Skatepark? : Carrer Roma, 8, 17250 Platja d'Aro, Girona.

Skateparks España

  • Skatepark Martorell

In Martorell we find the BLEM Skate Plaza, a park of more than 200 square meters. This has an area for the more street-oriented, with rails, boxes and inclined planes, and another for those who are more of a ramp (with dunes, banked curves and a bowl of considerable size).How to get to Skatepark Martorell?: Carrer Compositor Joan Cererols, 11, 08760 Martorell, Barcelona.


Los mejores Skatepark de España

  • Skatepark Quart de Poblet

This space has a bowl and a street area, as well as quarters, tits, walls, and planes around the periphery to make many lines. In addition to being able to go for free to practice tricks and roll, the skatepark offers skate classes for those children who want to start and need a guide.How to get to the Skatepark Quart de Poblet?: Centre de l'Esport (C/Batalla d'Almanssa nº6, Quart de Poblet).

Skateparks Spain

  • Skatepark CULLERa

The CULLERa Skatepark has become a benchmark of urban culture since in 2019 it hosted the celebration of the Spanish BMX Freestyle Park Championship. In addition, this skatepark has held events such as the pre-Olympic competition of "The CULLERa Bowl Classic" and the "CULLERa Bowl Contest" that exemplify the consolidation of this space as one of the most popular they have on the part of the followers of this discipline. A pride for Valencian skaters! How to get to the Skatepark CULLERa?: Skatepark CULLERa, 46400 CULLERa, Valencia.


Los mejores Skatepark de España

  • Skatepark Benidorm

The Benidorm Skatepark consists of 830 square meters and is divided into two zones; a bowl topped with pool coping, and a skate area in the shape of a square, inclined planes, quarters and other modules for skateboarding. For the design of the facility, those responsible for the company had the collaboration of the first stakeholders in its construction: the 'skaters' of Benidorm.How to get to the Skatepark Benidorm?: Av. European Community, 1 Benidorm, Alicante.

Skateparks España

  • Santa Pola Skatepark

It combines the classic American style of skateparks and has several levels of difficulty, making it ideal for both beginners and experts. The space is made of polished cement and consists of inclined planes, bowls, stairs, rails, a boob, drawers…. In this skatepark you will feel a bit like a Californian skater, but from the heart of your city.How to get to the Skatepark Santa Pola?: Elx Xiprerets nº 61 03130 Santa Pola, Alicante.

Skateparks España

  • Skatepark Onda, Castellón

The design of the park is inspired by various international skateparks, especially in Escondido (USA). The Onda Skatepark is one of the best facilities for practicing, training and holding competitions in all of Spain.How to get to the Skatepark Onda?: Calle Segorbe, 14, Onda, Castellón

skateparks España

  • Skatepark Elche

In Elche we find, on the one hand, the skateplaza, which was inaugurated in February 2015 to satisfy the requests of local skaters. This park is designed for the practice of street. On the other hand, we find the Elche skatepark, located in the Sports City, more oriented to the ramp discipline.How to get to the Skatepark Elche?: Skateplaza: Between Passeig de l'Estació and Carrer Pizarro. Skatepark: Sports City.

If you have already skated these parks, we also recommend Skatepark Ibi, which is one of the largest skateparks in Alicante and has a wide variety of modules designed for all types of riders, or Skatepark La Nucia, which has an extension of 1.350 square meters designed for ramperos and streeters.


Los mejores Skatepark de España

  • Rincon de la Victoria Skatepark

The layout of this skatepark seeks that all athletes and fans can use certain areas depending on age, modality, or technical level. In addition, it consists of all kinds of street modules and ramps that make it one of the most complete in the province.How to get to the Rincón de la Victoria Skatepark?: Calle Pacífico, 11. Rincon de la Victoria, Malaga.


  • Skatepark Fuengirola

The Skatepark Fuengirola in Malaga is divided into several zones. On the one hand, we find three bowls of different sizes and heights, a flat area with drawers, another area with quarters, pyramids and stairs with a railing and a drawer on the way down. The extension of the park is about 1.120 square meters with two areas connected to each other: one for bowl below ground level and another for quarters and street.How to get to the Skatepark Fuengirola?: Calle San Cayetano 7, Fuengirola, Málaga.

Skateparks España

  • Skatepark Benalmádena

The Skatepark Benalmádena has a bowl that can be entered by quarter or by roll-in. A good size pyramid, a funbox with a quarter and a plan. It also has a set with a small base for a straight manual, a drawer and round lowering bars, a pair of eurogaps, one elongated and the other somewhat smaller. The good thing about skateparks with a beach is that you can always take a dip in the sea after a skate session! How to get to the Skatepark Benalmádena?: Avenida Federico García Lorca, corner with Calle Camino del Prado.


Los mejores Skatepark de España

  • Skatepark Sopelana

This skatepark was inaugurated in August 2016 and is painted by the urban artist Rosh 333, in such a way that it simulates the waves of the sea. Well made bowls, with various depths, good finishes and perfect for shooting lines with your board.How to get to the Sopelana Skatepark? : It is located directly in front of the sea. This place is also known by surf lovers for its waves. With magnificent views and it is very close to La Kantera, about 13 minutes north of Getxo by car, and also very close to the Mungia skatepark.


  • Skatepark Leioa

The Skatepark Leioa has two bowls and a street section. The smallest bowl is also the deepest, even vertical, and has smooth but aggressive lines due to its depth. The largest bowl is divided into three parts with different lines, extensions, transfers and a spine. The street part has inclined planes, quarters, stairs, hubbas and drawers.How to get to Skatepark Leioa?: Skatepark Leioa, Bizkaia.


los mejores skateparks españa

  • Skatepark Coruña

Also called Skatepark Los Rosales, it has stairs with hubbas and rails on the sides, pyramids, a line of quarters of different heights, a wallride along one side of the skatepark with boxes attached to it for good transitions, a double wave- ramp, a double flat in the shape of a kicker with a base in the middle for transfers, stands, gaps, flats, a manual pad and drawers of different shapes and sizes.How to get to Skatepark Los Rosales?: The Skatepark is located next to the Municipal Sports Center in Los Rosales, La Coruña.

skateparks España

  • Skatepark Navia, Vigo

A track of waves, bowls and ramps ideal for escaping from the chaos and urban frenzy. This cement colossus of 2.000 square meters has become the new oasis in the city par excellence for all of us who love urban sports.It has a Bowl area and a Street area. The skatepark offers great possibilities for riders of all levels, both BMX and Skate.How to get to the Navia Skatepark? : Navia Skatepark. Vigo, Pontevedra.


Los mejores Skatepark de España

  • Skatepark Gijón

This space, also known as Skatepark Cimadevilla, has a bowl with various heights and a street area with various planes, stairs, a pyramid, drawers and railings on a smooth floor and lowered, manual pads, a eurogap, a curved quarter, a long wallride (inclined plane) and a small double plane funbox for transfers.How to get to the Skatepark Gijón?: Calle Camín de la Fontica, 7.

skateparks España

  • Skatepark Oviedo

The Oviedo Skatepark is also known as “Skateplaza Winter Park”. It was designed by the architect Daniel Yabar, and it consists of 4 four zones: In the highest part we can find a small bowl, in the zone of descent, which has eight steps, we observe, wallrides, curbs and dunes. Separated by a pedestrian road, there is the street area with drawers, benches, kicker, rails and an inclined plane. Next to this street area is the old bowl, very radical and with buried cooping. Complicated to overcome the offer of this skatepark.How to get to Skatepark Oviedo?: Paseo del Parque de Invierno.

Los mejores Skatepark de España

  • Skatepark Church

In 2015, the church of Santa Bárbara de Llanera (Asturias) became a place of pilgrimage for skate lovers. And also an art gallery designed by Okuda, the artist who has turned this church into a groundbreaking example of new artistic spaces. This building on the outside is cold like Asturian foggy mornings and on the inside it is warm like a hug. It is the Skate church, a temple dedicated to skateboarding and street art. A unique place in the world.How to get to the Skatepark Church? : The church is located in the Asipo Industrial Estate and you can park easily.

Skateparks España

  • Guaje Skates

GuajeSkates indoor skatepark & ​​school is the first skateboarding school in Asturias with facilities in a closed area. Conceived, designed and built for both learning and practicing skateboarding.How to get to Guaje Skates?: Av. Argentina, 71. Gijon, Asturias.


Los mejores Skatepark de España

  • Skatepark Santander

In Life Skate Farm you will find 2.000 square meters of indoor skatepark that offers the highest level. A skatepark where you can enjoy every second of skating. It has several different areas depending on what you want to do. For example, there is a space called Street Course, which has 900 square meters dedicated to the delights of the most purist skaters, where traditional obstacles are mixed with more original ones.Another area is the Mini Ramp, where you can enjoy the 2 heights it offers and more than 12 meters of copping in a corner isolated from the rest of the indoor. There is another zone oriented to the initiation; This skate area is designed for the initiation of children and adults in the practice of skateboarding.How to get to Life Skate Farm?: Marie Curie Street 38. Santander, Cantabria.


Skateparks España

  • Skatepark Salamanca Plaza Santiago

The Skatepark Salamanca Plaza Santiago has a line of 2 steps along one side of the skatepark with 2 bars going down these, it has 2 planes, drawers, a funbox with 2 planes and 2 drawers on the sides and a bar on the ground smooth.How to get to the Skatepark Plaza Santiago? : Plaza Santiago next to the Verraco del Puente Romano in Salamanca.


skateparks España

  • José Barnés Skatepark

This skatepark is characterized by offering 2 areas. Each one has different elements for skateboarding, such as quarters, stairs, inclined planes, hubba… How to get to the José Barnés Skatepark?: This skatepark is located between the intersection of Avenida de los Pinos and Sierra del Espartal street, in the José Barnés sports center.


Skateparks España

  • Skatepark “Golden Ball”

This mega skateplaza triumphs as it is spacious, well designed, comfortable, has everything for street lovers and also has an area with mini ramps and not so minis. It has: Manual pads, pyramids, drawers, stairs, inclined planes, pole jam, eurogap, rectangular and circular railings, quarter, boob, miniramps, hubba, wallrides, ….How to get to the Bola de Oro Skatepark? : It is located on the Skate slopes, Paseo Fuente de la Bicha, Granada.



  • Skatepark Galatzó

This skatepark is located in Calviá, and was built in 2019. It is one of the best skateparks on the island and it is the most modern. Bowl and Street are intertwined in this park, as it has several ramps, drawers, bars and stairs.How to get to the Skatepark Galatzó?: Ctra. Santa Ponça-Calvià, 2.


Skateparks España

  • San Isidro Skatepark

The Burgos Skatepark, also called the San Isidro Skatepark, has a large bowl with different levels of height surrounded by a street area with bars and drawers both on the flat and downhill, it has planes and a pyramid with a hubba.How to get to the San Isidro Skatepark?: San Isidro Park in Burgos on Calle San Isidro.


mejores skateparks españa

  • Skatepark “El Refugio”

This skatepark of 1.813 square meters consists of a skatepark made up of a 'pool', a "miniramp" and a street area or skateplaza. It is a circuit of straight street lines with return combinations. In the center of these lines there is a central curb.How to get to the El Refugio Skatepark? : Eduardo Benot Street in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


Los mejores Skatepark de España

  • Skatepark la Granja de Santa Cruz de Tenerife

This park is a construction by the architect and skater Daniel Yábar. The sports surface occupies a total of 2.360 square meters, divided into two areas. The first, called 'street skatepark', with an area of ​​994 square meters, and the second, called 'ramp skatepark', which occupies the rest of the facility, extends over 1.370 square meters.How to get to the Skatepark La Granja?: Avenida de Madrid, in Parque de la Granja in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


Skateparks España

  • Santa Lucia Skatepark

The skatepark is inserted in one of these squares on a square plot of 1400 m2 and is surrounded by other squares with large green areas.It integrates into the urban context, revitalizing this public space, since, although it is designed primarily for skateboarding, it has become a meeting place for different groups of people. The new Santa Lucía skatepark has created a new scene in the landscape of this part of the city, using everyday elements of the city to transform the urban landscape. Zebra crossings, culverts and security barriers that deform and adapt to the use of skaters.How to get to the Santa Lucía Skatepark?: Jacinto Benavente Kalea, 44.


Los mejores Skatepark de España

  • Antoniutti Park Skatepark

A renovated skatepark, with new ramps and protection elements and lighting according to needs. The facility retains its original functional characteristics in its 114 square meters dedicated to urban sports by bike, skate or scooter, such as skateboard, BMX, roller or scooter. The skatepark consists of a series of bathtubs, curves and half-buried ramps made entirely of concrete.How to get to the Skatepark Antoniutti? Calle Cuesta de la Reina, 1.

Globally we are going to comment on some of the most recognized. First of all, the GMP in China is the largest in the world and was inaugurated in 2015 in the city of Guangzhou.

Another of the most important is in Sweden where its fans took advantage of an unused space, which had previously been a naval industry, to enjoy the most amazing jumps and tricks of this sport.

Can you imagine an underground city? This is what happens at House of Vans in London. A structure under the Waterloo subway that contains everything from cinemas, concerts and a bar to its wonderful skate and bmx area.

On the other hand, according to Thrasger Magazine, the best skatepark in the world is located in Lincoln City (USA) since it has the advantage of taking advantage of the slope to make curves and slopes that are very attractive for athletes .

Finally, we cannot forget the Bondi Skate Park located in Australia where authentic skate professionals have skated.

Now that you know the best Skateparks in Spain and the world, what are you waiting for to take your board, a couple of friends and go out and ride? We encourage you to try them all!