Cómo limpiar unas gafas de sol polarizadas: 4 pasos para que estén siempre perfectas


How to clean polarized sunglasses: 4 steps so that they are always perfect

Have you joined the trend of polarized sunglasses? This year's top accessory is hitting the beaches, swimming pools and terraces. No one resists having one! Now that you're finally enjoying a great time in which you're taking care of your vision, while you're going to the last one, you have to learn how to take care of those polarized sunglasses so that they last for many years!

We are lovers of sunny days! When the weather is good, we hardly resist going on excursions or doing sports in the open air. But it is true that leaving our sunglasses at home is not an option, so. Read on and find out how to properly care for and clean your sunglasses this season!

How to clean polarized sunglasses in just 4 steps:

Learn how to take care of your new polarized sunglasses! All pampering is little when we want to keep an object we like in perfect condition, for that from The Indian Face we are going to teach you the steps you must follow to always have your favorite accessory well cleaned and cared for. In just four actions!

1. Start with the basics: always keep your polarized sunglasses in their case

It may seem like a no-brainer, but surely you too have left your sunglasses in your bag, mixed with your keys, your wallet and a million other things, or in the glove compartment of your car along with all your documentation. From now on, remember: doing this is dangerous for the lenses, since they can scratch and interfere with correct vision.

2. Polarized sunglasses, with a view of the sky

When you are on a terrace having a drink or when you arrive at the office and take off your polarized sunglasses, remember to always leave them resting on the temples and never with the glass facing down. Small bumps against surfaces can damage the lenses and, furthermore, if someone drags them in that position, they will damage the glass and, with it, the filter that makes them so wonderful. It's a small gesture that will save you more than one problem!

3. Yes, your polarized sunglasses get dirty too. And with this you have to clean them

Obviously, no matter how much you take care of them, sunglasses get stained like any other object. Facial cream, makeup, sweat, dust or pollution are factors that dirty lenses. To clean them, the procedure is the same as the one you would carry out with glasses. The best option to leave them as new is to rub them gently with a microfiber cloth. And, if they are very dirty, before doing so, rinse them with warm water, dry the moisture with a clean cotton cloth.

4. Stop experimenting: your polarized sunglasses will thank you

What if I try this product that I use to clean window panes? And how will the lenses look if I rub them with this good soap? Nothing will happen if I put a little alcohol in it, right? Stop. Enough. Hands up: drop everything you're doing!

Usually, we believe that a product that works for a specific action can be just as useful for something else similar. But it's not always like this. When it comes to our eye health and caring for the lenses of polarized sunglasses, it is better not to become the nutty professor.

We refer you to point 3: water and a microfiber cloth are all you need. Really. Use that creativity in something more productive and, above all, stop thinking about putting them in the dishwasher with the rinse program!

Now you know how to care for your polarized sunglasses The Indian Face

Congratulations! You have become an expert in the care of your favorite complement. Now you are ready to enter our online catalog and choose your favorite polarized sunglasses at theindianface.com. With everything you've learned, they're going to stay splendid for many years to come!

Como limpiar tus gafas de sol polarizadas