Hudson Yards ¡El nuevo y exclusivo barrio en Nueva York!


Hudson Yards The new and exclusive neighborhood in New York!

If this isn't your first time visiting New York you might want to go back and look again. And it is that this great American city has been a participant in one of the most ambitious constructions in recent years: Hudson Yards, a new urban development out of 105.000 and 113.000 m² developed by Related Companies and Oxford Properties.

This is one of the most recent and exclusive neighborhoods built to the west of Manhattan, next to the Hudson River, spread out between 30th and 34th streets and between 10th and 12th avenues. Some locals call it expensive, but the truth is that it could be one of the most incredible experiences to visit if we go sightseeing in the Big Apple. Read on and find out more about the newest Hudson Yards neighborhood in New York!

Hudson Yards

What is Hudson Yards?

New York has plenty of incredible and legendary tourist spots, but this relatively new neighborhood - only a little over a year since it opened its doors to the public - boasts some of the the most impressive exhibitions, shops, office buildings, residential areas and views in the entire city. In fact, it offers a different point of view than the more traditional views, completely changing the Hudson River skyline with soaring skyscrapers. It gets its name precisely because of its proximity to the river, and because of the trams and railways on its sides.

Hudson Yards was a construction that took a lot of work to get to this point, after 6 years of construction and 10 years of planning. Although, in fact, the beginnings of this great project arose about two decades ago (2001), at which point the authorities began to entertain the idea of ​​giving the neglected area a completely new look as part of the 2012 Olympic Games bid.

Their urban development plan is a joint venture between the New York City Department of City Planning and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and its purpose was to encourage development along the Hudson River in Manhattan. The residential and luxury megacenter (with sections still under construction) has creative and interactive buildings that you cannot miss, including restaurants, parks and brand stores, which make it a great and innovative center of culture, business, housing, and performing and visual arts. With the "yards" (train tracks) still exposed, it is planned to continue their construction on top of them, and be completed approximately by the year 2024, with new skyscrapers and even a school.

Currently, it has become a spot in the city that already attracts tourists from all over the world. It is located in this central and very attractive area of ​​Midtown, but until not long ago it was an industrial-looking place and without a doubt quite neglected where all you found were train tracks. However, there is no doubt that every space and place in this most visited city in the world has the potential to become a tourist destination, and Hudson Yards was no exception.

If you are thinking of visiting him soon, he is more than recommended! And if you want to know more about the main attractions of this neighborhood, we invite you to continue reading... Find out more about what this new neighborhood offers and everything you can see and observe when you visit Hudson Yards!

Hudson Yards The Vessel

What to see in the Hudson Yards neighborhood?


Building or sculpture? At the heart of Hudson Yards we find the imposing sculpture “The Vessel”, also known as New York’s Staircase, a jewel of contemporary architecture. It is perhaps one of the most interesting architectural constructions of the last decade, whose shape has been interpreted in many ways.

It doesn't matter if it seemed like a big Kebab, a spaceship or a beehive, its shape has undoubtedly created a great impression on the spectators at first sight, although without a doubt the real reaction is felt once we are inside.

You will be impressed with its maze of multiple stairs intersecting with platforms that complete the entire sculpture that you will be able to observe from different angles, although if you want to reach its ascending top you will be able to do so without problems.

Its entrance is free and open to the public, although perhaps for this reason the best recommendation is that you visit them early, perhaps between 8-9 am at the latest, or you will see that there is a long line to enter. You can make the reservation for the time you want for free online or simply by showing up in person at the entrance at the recommended times if you did not make the reservation beforehand.

A very curious and very attractive experience awaits you inside, its angles are very interesting if you look at them from the ground floor, from the bottom up, and then even more impressive when you look at the entire structure from the top down. You can reserve a free hour on the following website, and from there choose the day and time, although sometimes they run out.

The Shops & Restaurants Hudson Yards


The Shops & Restaurants at Hudson Yards is the mega shopping center full of luxury and glamor that this new New York neighborhood offers. It has nothing more and nothing less than seven floors of stores that are mostly very high-end luxury but also include more accessible stores such as Zara, Uniqlo and H&M.

The truth is that the shopping center is very good, although the design of its floors is very similar and being so large it can be difficult to locate. However, you have a great time and more if you want to go shopping, as well as enjoy a snack among its many cafes and restaurants.

And even better if you choose something at the Little Spain Market! You can find it on the ground floor The Shops & Restaurants and it is the creation of the brothers Ferran and Albert Adrià and chef José Andrés. It is made up of a lot of tapas stations where there is no shortage of sandwiches and potato tortillas. The most famous trio of Spanish gastronomy has managed to create a multidisciplinary space that offers the best of the country's cuisine.

Edge Hudson Yards


The observatory Edge has arrived to compete with the Empire State Building, One World and the Top of The Rock. If your visit to New York allows it, our recommendation is that you plan to visit them all, but the Edge has arrived to offer both locals and tourists a new perspective on the city, not just in the distance, but also down on your triangular terrace with glass floors! So if you are a lover of heights, it is the ideal place for you.

This terrace is located on the 100th floor of building 30 Hudson Yards, and is the highest open observatory in the western hemisphere offering more than spectacular views of the city . At 345 meters high, it promises dreamy sunsets and a lot of vertigo! And although it is mostly outside, it also has a closed observatory part, so it is still an excellent option if you visit the city in winter.

The Edge entrance is located on the Fourth Floor of Hudson Yards,The Shops at Hudson Yards. The main recommendation is that you buy your tickets in advance because it is a highly demanded spot. In this way you guarantee to go up at the time you choose and also, buying them online can be cheaper than doing it directly at the ticket office. Of course, one of the most recommended times to go is about 30 or 40 minutes before sunset so that you can enjoy this, which becomes quite a spectacle.

The first you will find when entering the attraction are corridors with informative exhibitions that guide you to the elevator whose journey is only 60 seconds with very interesting projections on the walls that They make the experience incredible from the very beginning.

The Edge is divided into two parts: 2 closed floors with views of New York through the windows where you find a restaurant bar (The Peak) with multiple options for food and drink consumption. The second part is on the lower floor, where you find the outdoor terrace. Although it is outdoors, it is completely surrounded by sloping glass that, in addition to adding a little more vertigo, really makes you feel like you are touching the city with your own hands.

Photos and videos will be great wherever you look at them! After taking in the views of Downtown and New Jersey across the Hudson River, you can veer east into Manhattan, where the Empire State Building towers over. You will also be able to see the green patch of Central Park extending to the north.

The Edge opens all year from 8 a.m. to midnight and costs $36 excluding tax ( $38 if you buy it at the box office) so at the end of the purchase the total price is approximately $41, although if you live in NYC you receive a discount. You can buy your tickets from the official website, where you will have to choose the date and time, although once inside you can stay as long as you want. The tickets are sent by mail, so showing it on your mobile would be enough. The Edge is also included in some tourist attraction cards such as the New York C3 and the Sightseeing Pass.The Shed Hudson Yards


The innovative visual and performing arts center The Shed accompanies the Vessel in its proposal to bring an artistic and cultural touch to Hudson Yards. Surely you can distinguish it by its unmistakable silver "quilted" structure.

The structure is more interesting, architecturally speaking, because it really is two buildings in one and its outer frame is mobile: it has wheels that allow it to move, thus revealing a completely different second building.

This location is THE place to participate in the most varied programming in New York City, from concerts and fashion shows, to art exhibitions, theater performances and including artistic dance shows and all kinds, accommodating about 3000 people.

In its interior we can see several theaters and galleries, as well as spaces arranged for scheduled shows. Its architectural particularity and its retractable roof, with which the structure adopts one position or another, make the location adapt perfectly according to the needs of the programming. The Shed would be the largest and most innovative cultural spot in NYC since Lincoln Center opened its doors in the sixties.

Hudson Yards

Incredible isn't it? An entire construction and planning project of almost 25 million dollars that has become a Must of the city of New York. As a tourist spot, Hudson Yards is a great and incredibly interesting option! Its buildings are really spectacular, and architecturally speaking it plays very well with the city, incorporating it into its design as part of a whole. In addition to its luxury, amazing views and artistic proposals, the neighborhood promises an experience like no other. With a few hours that you dedicate from your itinerary on your next visit to New York it would be enough and it will really be a different adventure that you will remember forever without a doubt.

Perhaps the luxury that it emanates and its inclination for a style more towards "Dabuai" could be a bit out of "the typical New York", since everything is very well planned and you could believe that you are not even inside this city that usually rather be so spontaneous and noisy as part of its charm. But in and of itself, Hudson Yards promises, and promises a lot.

Hudson Yards

Something different, something cool and something modern that you cannot miss on your next trip to The Big Apple!