Ideas extremas para declararte en San Valentín


Extreme ideas to declare yourself on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day. Today we bring you three very extreme and original ideas to celebrate with your partner. There is nothing like doing something different to surprise her and show her how much you love her by doing something exceptional with her. If you like extreme sports and want to do something unforgettable on a day like Valentine's Day, write down these ideas.

Extreme ideas for Valentine's Day

Go Tandem Snowboarding

Save the tandem bikes for two for another time and take your girlfriend tandem snowboarding. Have you ever heard it? It's basically the same: a couple ripping, but in a more extreme version.

Dare to do the first backflip holding hands in history

There are three reasons why it's worth doing. The first is that it has never been done before. The second is that it is perfectly possible to do so. And the last one is that it's something very romantic and unforgettable, for sure. Of course, if you dare to try it, be careful because it is a bit dangerous. If you are not sure what a backflip is, we leave you a video where you can see a few. Now, can you imagine doing one holding hands with your partner? Do you dare to be part of the first couple to do a backflip holding hands? You would enter the history of snowboarding!

Marry in white for real

Many couples get married in the mountains or in unusual places. But the following video that we want to show you reflects the love that a couple feels not only for their relationship… but also for snowboarding. These two lovebirds got married in the Alaskan snow and then they celebrate by sliding down it on her snowboards . Great way to celebrate a wedding!

Can you think of any extreme and romantic ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day? What has been your most extreme and original Valentine? Share your experiences with us!