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Inflatable boards to practice paddle surf according to your preferences

The paddle surfing has become the most fashionable sport in recent years. It is an aerobic and dynamic sport through which it is very easy to exercise all parts of the body and also have a good time while disconnecting from routine stress.

Paddle surfing is a discipline that has multiple modalities depending on the goal you want to achieve. For this reason, there are also different types of boards that are adapted to each of these modalities and to the water conditions where the sport is carried out. In the case of inflatable boards, in addition to being the cheapest, they are also the most versatile. You can use them for the various types of paddle surfing that exist. Read on if you want to find out which inflatable board is best based on your preferences!

Advantages of inflatable paddle surf boards

One of the most notable advantages of purchasing an inflatable SUP board over a solid board is its price. The former are much more affordable and also give very good results. For 400 euros you can find a quality inflatable paddle surf board, without spending a large amount of money to practice this sport. However, rigid or hard boards are around 1.800 euro.

Another of the virtues of inflatable tables is their size and materials. Since they inflate with an air pump, they are easy to fold and store in any corner of the house. So don't worry if you don't have enough storage, you can save them almost anywhere!

In addition, inflatable boards are perfect if you are entering the world of paddle surfing. With them, if you suffer a fall due to loss of balance, you will not hurt yourself when you collide with the board. However, if you use a hard board, you are more likely to hit it against its surface.

Before choosing a stand-up paddle board, whether inflatable or solid, the most important thing is to know what its dimensions are and if they are adequate for your weight and height.

Now, not all inflatable boards have the same characteristics nor are they used in all types of paddle surfing. Today we show you 4 different inflatable boards so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences. If you like this sport you can't miss it!

The perfect Paddle Surf board if you also want to practice yoga

Tabla SUP hinchable Allround

An inflatable board type Allround is the best option. These types of boards are usually about 300 cm long and 80 cm high and support a weight of up to 150 kg. Given their large dimensions and their rigid material, they are perfect for getting started in sports. With them you can practice yoga or take walks through calm waters. In addition to being versatile and of quality, they are quite affordable boards.

Inflatable SUP boards for surfing, an innovation

Tabla SUP hinchable tipo Surf

If it's already strange to think of surfing big waves on an inflatable board, now imagine surfing on an inflatable paddle board. The truth is that in recent years, inflatable boards surf type are gaining fame among the world of water sports thanks to the improvements in technology and design that they have been having. More and more surfers say that the experience is almost the same as when they surf with a rigid surfboard.

This type of boards turns out to be an economical option for those who want to venture into this modality and do not want to spend a lot of money. In addition to the fact that they are inflatable, you can carry it in your backpack wherever you want. Regarding the design, they have been made with a double chamber system and walls that cover these chambers, providing greater rigidity and preventing the 'nose' from flexing or sinking.They usually measure about 325 cm long and 83 cm wide and support a weight of up to 136 kg. Just like in Surfing, these types of boards come in their longboard models that provide greater stability or shortboard for greater agility when performing stunts.

Perfect boards for practicing SUP on tours

Tabla SUP hinchable tipo Travesia o Touring

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning the ideal board for practicing touring and touring. As we have already seen, inflatable boards have the advantage of being more versatile than rigid boards due to their layout and materials. In this way, you can also use them to walk the waters of the river or sunbathe in a dream whereabouts. This type of board measures 320 cm long and 80 cm wide and supports a weight of up to 140 kg, which makes it the most stable board of all that we have seen due to its large dimensions.

It is the board you need if you are looking for stability, versatility and durability. With it you can have fun trying new types of paddle surfing.

Tablas Hinchables SUP


What is the main difference between an inflatable stand up paddle board and a rigid one?

Normally, rigid boards are suitable for catching waves with some skill. In the case of inflatable boards, they are perfect for practicing the sport as a hobbie and they will be the best option if you are a beginner. In addition, inflatable boards are safer, since if you fall on them you will not hurt yourself as much as if you fall from a rigid one.

How to store an inflatable paddle surf board?

The ideal is to store it in a place where air circulates. The board must be completely dry and free of abrasive elements such as sand or salt. Although, if you decide to deflate and fold it, you should leave a little air inside, fold it, without having to squeeze it too much.

Now, if you have space at home, you should leave it inflated but release some pressure, around 8-10 psi. The table must be standing or against a wall, without any type of weight on it.