The Indian Face con el #AniridiaDay


The Indian Face with #AniridiaDay

One in a hundred thousand. That's the number of people born with aniridia in the world. This disease consists of total or partial lack of the iris of the eyepiece, which produces high photophobia (intolerance to light). For this reason, those who suffer from it must protect their eyes with sunglasses whenever they go out .

Some patients who suffer from it combine aniridia with other ocular conditions such as Wilms' tumor, malformations in the genital and urinary systems, or intellectual developmental delays. The set of these pathologies gives rise to the WAGR Syndrome.

In addition, throughout their lives, people who face this pathology develop different eye disorders (cataracts, glaucoma, corneal degeneration, among many others) that weaken their visual capacity.

World Aniridia Day: be aware!

Today, June 21, is World Aniridia Day. At The Indian Face we want to support research into this rare disease and give a voice to those who suffer from it by joining a project that we want you to be a part of.

Aniridia Europe and Aniridia UK have launched a great initiative to raise awareness in society about this pathology. Do you want to know what you have to do to participate? Too easy! Simply take a picture of yourself with your sunglasses -an essential element in the daily life of a patient with this disease- and upload it to your social networks with the hashtag #AniridiaDay. If you feel like it, you can include some motivating and positive phrase.


From The Indian Face we join the cause.

At The Indian Face we are committed to life and we would love for you to also do your part in solidarity.

During today (or whenever you want) you can show your support with a very simple action, simply upload a photo of yourself or whoever you want to your social networks with sunglasses on (the more fun the photo is, , more smiles will wake up) using the hashtag #ANIRIDIA and #ANIRIDIADAY and if you also use #THEINDIANFACECONLAANIRIDIA then we will also resend your photo on our networks so that it reaches as many people as possible.

It is very very easy to participate, WOULD YOU SIGN UP?