Jesús Calleja: una vida dedicada a la aventura


Jesús Calleja: a life dedicated to adventure

If adventure and challenge had a proper name, that name would be Jesús Calleja. Explorer, adventurer, mountaineer and communicator, the famous Jesús Calleja from Leon has managed to carve out an important niche in the world of extreme sports. The life of this mountaineer has been focused on the mountains from a very young age, his passion, his life.

He began his first adventures choosing to ascend the famous Picos de Europa, as well as mountains located in the surrounding areas, to later increase the level of risk and danger in his exploits.

Furthermore, for more than 16 years he has worked as a mountain guide in Nepal, a destination to which he has traveled more than 60 times. Realizing that he was completely captivated by the mountains, he decided to go much further, and opted to become a mountaineer-communicator, participating in the renowned program 'Desafío Extremo' that has been broadcast for 7 seasons.

During the recording of this program he has had the opportunity to travel the five continents showing his audience the adventures that he has been experiencing during his many expeditions carried out.

One of the great dreams of Jesús Calleja since he was a child was to conquer the summit of Mount Everest, and in 2005 he finally made his dream come true. After many years of training to be able to succeed in such an adventure and reach the top of this unexplored mountain, he embarked on this expedition, reaching his dream goal on May 30, thus becoming the first Spaniard who managed to climb the south face that year.

Note that Jesús Calleja has managed to climb 3 eight-thousanders: Cho Oyu, Everest and Lhotse. In addition to having conquered the highest peaks of each of the five continents, Jesús Calleja has set foot on Antarctica 3 times on exploration trips that have been carried out both by air and by sea. As if that were not enough, things do not end here, since this risky and daring climber is also a pilot of cars, motorcycles, helicopters and small planes.

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His passion for vehicles has led him to participate in various competitions such as 1 American Dakar Rally, 2 Pharaohs Rallies (Egypt) or the Africa Race. But the ambitions of this adventurous mountaineer have not stopped here, and his desire to see, know, discover and try new emotions and sensations have led him to dive among sharks, ascend erupting volcanoes, go in search of polar bears and even descend in a deep cave up to a whopping 1650 meters, among many other adventures each more surprising.

Proposed to always exceed his own limits, Jesús Calleja has been in charge of bringing adventure, risk and emotion to his spectators for many years.

As curiosities it can be mentioned that he has written several books, that he is an admirer of the famous Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente and the explorer Ernest Shackleton and that he has received several awards thanks to the 'Extreme Challenge' program.

An adventurer who, without a doubt, will go down in history as a mountaineer for many reasons, and for all these reasons and much more he is currently recognized, and surely he will always be remembered for his talent, his physical preparation, his mental preparation , and by always be well equipped to adventure, including good sunglasses, always ready to embark on the most extreme horizon.