Kilian Jornet, subir y bajar el Everest en 24 horas


Kilian Jornet, climb and descend Everest in 24 hours

We don't know if he's a superhero, but he has some exceptional qualities. Kilian Jornet, (1987, Sabadell) is a mountaineer and extreme athlete and his next goal is to go up and down Everest (8,848 meters) in a single day . Yes, yes… you heard right.

he Says that “it is possible to reach the summit starting from the foot of the mountain and return to the starting point”. Although his environment ensures that the Catalan athlete may have underestimated the feat a bit, the current record for ascent is held by the sherpa Pemba Dorje, who reached the summit in 8 hours and 10 minutes .

More than the unevenness of the mountain itself, the main problem is the altitude. In this type of ascent to such high peaks the suffering of the body, the lack of oxygen, the fatigue, etc. becomes very evident. Will Jornet be able to meet this challenge?

Jornet grew up and developed from a very young age in a mountain refuge, at 2,000 meters above sea level. Thus, he could be considered a sherpa. And so he is preparing this adventure: to go up and down so quickly he must wear very light equipment, less than 10 kilos, which is a risk when it comes to Everest . But if he carries more equipment, he would have to go slower and it wouldn't be possible to perform the feat.

Next spring we will know the outcome of this adventure. Meanwhile, Kilian will continue to prepare because he is going to need it.
From The Indian Face we wish you good luck and a lot of strength. Of course, we admire spirits as daring, daring and adventurous as Kilian's.