Landski: “Snowboard sobre el asfalto” con tablas de 14 ruedas


Landski: “Snowboard on asphalt” with 14-wheel boards

Today we want to share with you a video that includes the best images of the Landski: a form of skateboarding, inspired by snowboarding, that is practiced on modified skateboards with 14 wheels (seven on the bottom). front and another 7 in the rear). We do not know if you have ever seen it, but it is a curious and surprising modality. It really is like making snow on asphalt.

Watch the following video and judge for yourself this rare and curious modality of urban skateboarding or snowboarding, whatever you want to call it:

Basically the Landski is a skateboard with a system of 14 wheels fixed in an arc. The result is a deck that has more spin and flows in a much different way than more traditional two-wheel-on-each-bolt skateboards. In fact, the feeling of riding a Landski board is so different that you'll have to practice quite a bit to understand the difference. Of all the skateboards on the market, the Landski deck may be the one that best recreates the feeling of snowboarding on the pavement.