Las 5 Mejores olas del mundo según Pablo Muñoz


The 5 best waves in the world according to Pablo Muñoz

Pablo Muñoz, our best promise of Spanish Bodyboarding and member of our “The Indian Face Team” tells us his ranking of the 5 best waves in the world for bodyboarding. Here you have them!!

1.- Pipeline

Pipeline is a wave found on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. It is a sharp reef bottom breaker, and having this bottom breaks with great power and perfection. She is the queen par excellence, great bodyboarders such as Mike Stewart, a pioneer of bodyboarding, or Jeff Hubbard, one of the best bodyboarders today, have been formed in this wave. In this wave there are many places, people who catch that wave daily and who must have the utmost respect and wait their turn.

2.- The Fronton.

El Frontón is a wave found in Galdar, Gran Canaria. It is one of the most powerful waves on Earth since it has a rocky bottom, apparently made "to measure", since it is a circular plate of rock that makes the wave break with good shape. It is a wave reserved for bodyboarders, since it has a very extreme descent that would be practically impossible to go down with a surfboard. Canarian bodyboarders are so good thanks to this wave practically, since it is a wave similar to a "skatepark", with ramps that allow you to fly at a high altitude.

3.- Teahupoo

Teahupoo is a wave found in Tahiti, French Polynesia. It is one of the most dangerous and longest waves in the world. It breaks on a reef bottom which makes it even more dangerous. More than one person has died in this wave since the most mutant days this wave has no mercy. The peak is usually packed with both surfers and bodyboarders, who enjoy great drops in the air, barrel shots and the occasional wipeout.

4.- Shark Island

It is a wave that is located in Cronulla, New South Whales, Australia. It is a rock break, powerful and shallow. Every year a championship of the Iba World Tour World Circuit takes place there, the Shark Island Challenge.

5.- Arica

Arica is a wave located in Arica, Chile. It is a rocky wave, both left and right, somewhat dangerous due to its shallow depth and great force. Chileans enjoy a high level in terms of bodyboarding thanks to this magnificent wave for this sport. Every year another IBA test takes place, the Arica Chilean Challenge. Here is a link: