Las caídas en bicicleta más locas y divertidas del 2014


The craziest and funniest bike falls of 2014

Impressive compilation of the craziest, funniest and most surprising falls of the past year 2014. Do not miss this video that we bring today because it is not wasted.

It is possible that you have seen some images in other compilations of silly falls or in zapping programs, but this video exclusively includes falls on a bicycle that, if you are a lover of this sport or practice it regularly, in more than one you will feel Very identified because surely something similar has happened to you (or to a friend who you have witnessed a fall of this style).

We warn you that some falls can produce sensations that are difficult to digest because it is true that they seem very painful.

Watch the video and tell us yourself what you think. We leave you with the best bike falls of 2014: