Libro recomendado: “Historia del surf” de Matt Warshaw


Recommended book: "History of Surfing" by Matt Warshaw

You will find many books on surfing, of all kinds, of all approaches, and at many prices, but if you really want to discover what for many is the best and most complete book dedicated to this fascinating sport, you have to read the book " History of surfing” by Matt Warshaw.

Matt Warshaw is a true eminence in the world of surfing, he is considered one of the most knowledgeable people in the world about this sport, and this great author corroborates it in a book that includes almost 500 pages, while showing us more 250,000 words and offers us more than a quarter of a thousand little-known photographs. With a passionate tone and opinion about this sport, at the same time hard and noble with touches of humor and a very interesting originality, they make this book at the top of any ranking of leading books that deal with surfing. .

And it is that as Matt Warshaw has said, he is one of the greatest eminences in the world when it comes to surfing, he is a true specialist and it is not for less, because his life dedicated to surfing, his vocation and passion in body and soul for it make him one of the most capable people in the world to talk about this beautiful sport.

Anyone who thinks that this has been an easy book to write is very wrong, rather the opposite, it has been a very complex book to write and its result is very elaborate. Its content is very professional and reliable and its details very well finished. It cannot be for less in a work that has taken more than five years to forge, five years dedicated to the investigation and creation of a work, five years that have borne splendid fruits with this masterpiece of surfing.

If you are looking for this book, you should know as it has already been said that it is called "History of surfing", its original is in English, and its author is the named Matt Warshaw. It is published by Chronicle Books and of course you will find it in the nature and sports sections. It has exactly 494 pages, was published in 2010 and has an approximate cost of €50. If you want to know its ISBN, that is, if you want to know how its kind of registration number will help you locate it, or have your bookseller or bookstore look for it for you, it is the following: 978-0-8118-5600-3.

Without a doubt, a book that if you like and are passionate about surfing will make you fall in love from the first to the last page, a book that will allow you to delve into what you already know about surfing and that will allow you to discover what was not yet known for you. An enjoyable read that will take you to the depths of the history of surfing and that there is no doubt that it will become one of your reference books.