Los 5 mejores vídeos de Windsurf


The 5 best Windsurfing videos

Today we want to present what for us are some of the best Windsurfing videos on the entire web.

At number one we want to introduce you to a video that you will surely love. This video with impressive images and attractive soundtrack reflects the typical Australian summer and how you can live it riding the best waves and taking advantage of the best wind. This video, which was recorded in 2012 and 2013, accumulates thousands and thousands of views:

Secondly, to introduce you to another of our favorite videos, and this one is without a doubt. This Red Bull video, which has accumulated almost two million views, shows you how the world windsurfing champion, the famous Jason Polakow, attacks the most incredible waves you can imagine.

Thirdly, another Red Bull video and specifically also focused on the legend of Jason Polakow, in this video you will see the great windsurfer in action on one of the most famous beaches in the world for Windsurfers: Hookipa Beach, in Maui .

Without a doubt, the following video will surprise you. Shot on location in Maui, Hawaii, it shows you stunning images of the world's best windsurfers brought to you by Starboard.

And last but not least and least impressive, we recommend that you watch the following video. In it you will meet Jason Polakow again, this time in Peahi, catching waves in a more impressive way, all becoming one of the most respected athletes of all the respectable greats in the sector.