Los deportes extremos más populares para primavera / verano


The most popular extreme sports for spring / summer


Bungee jumping is an extreme sport where the person is thrown from a great height towards the void attached to the starting point by an elastic rope. You can do bungee jumping from many surfaces, such as bridges, high-rise buildings, ravines, cranes... One of the places in Spain where you can do bungee jumping is on the camino real from Granada to the Alpujarra on the historic red bridge that leads to Lanjarón.


The hang glider consists of a mechanism that allows flying without a motor while gliding. Both take-off and landing are done at low speed, so they can be done on foot. To practice it, you must take advantage of the ascending or thermal air currents to make the turns and move through the air. Skilled pilots can stay flying for a long time and perform stunts. In Spain, a great place to practice hang gliding is the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park.


Rock climbing consists in ascending a steep rock wall with the help of physical force. The height of the place can imply great danger, for this reason safety equipment is usually used and protection. Depending on the place where it is practiced and its difficulty, it can be considered a risky sport. There is the "solo integral" modality where the climber ascends the rock without any type of security. Another type of rock climbing is the "psicobloc" where the climber ascends cliff walls where the only protection is water. Mallorca is one of the destinations chosen by climbers to practice this technique. And to practice rock climbing we recommend the Valley of Ansó in the Pyrenees.


Skydiving is one of the extreme sports that adds more followers every year. Jumping from a hot air balloon, a helicopter or a plane the sensation of adrenaline is brutal. Depending on the skydiver's mastery, the parachute can be opened immediately after launching from the aircraft or a controlled free fall can then be opened. Within skydiving there are different modalities among which is the "relative work" where several skydivers perform different formations during the free fall, the "free style" where different pirouettes are performed, "drifts" where the skydiver adopts a position where it occurs. the maximum horizontal displacement, among many others.

One of the places that is a world reference for skydiving is Empuriabrava, where its skydiving center was the first in the world to reach one million jumps.