Lugares ideales para esquiar con niños


Ideal places to ski with children

Now fully immersed in the new ski season, surely you are already planning your forays into the snow for this winter. It is possible that you are thinking of taking the smallest of the family, we all know how much fun they have skiing and how good this type of outdoor activity suits them.

Today we want to talk to you about ski resorts that are ideal for going with children since not all of them are completely suitable for you to take them with you, some offer more services than others or in terms of prices, certain resorts can be much more interesting . Do you know which are the best ski resorts to go with the little ones? We tell you.


The Aragonese station is a snowy paradise for children. It has an offer of courses and children's activities without equal. It has a children's area called “Candanchulandia” where the little ones can enjoy themselves to the fullest and a separate garden protected from other skiers and possible adverse weather conditions, next to the car park, at the foot of the slopes. Sites fully designed so that children can play with the snow calmly and despite all inclement weather.

Sierra Nevada

Children under the age of six can have a great time at Dreamland Sierra Nevada, a dream for them, with children's activities, snowmobiles and games designed for children between the ages of three and six. With a descent for novices and beginners, it also has recreational areas without snow: a mat where you can paint, play, watch cartoons or movies, etc.

For older children, from seven years old, the resort offers courses at the International Ski School, where they can begin to learn advanced movements.


It is the most important ski resort in Spain in terms of number of slopes, and also in services and activities for children. Snowmobile tours, dog sledding rides, snowshoeing circuits, playgrounds, playgrounds, etc. You can take the little ones in the house to the Anayet garden, a place where they can entertain themselves, have fun and learn by cooking cookies, doing crafts or painting. There are also theater performances, costumes and there is a toy library . Of course, Formigal is a whole snow theme park designed for children. The station has a nursery.

Boï Taüll

Right next to Neret, the area for first-time skiers, is the Boï Taüll Children's Park, a playful and educational area where personnel specialized in child care are in charge of teaching and playing with the children.

Did you plan to go skiing with your children or with children this season? What station would you like to go to? Tell us about your experiences in the snow with the little ones in the family!