¡RESUELTO! Descubre cómo combinar tus gafas de sol verdes ¡Una increíble opción!


RESOLVED! Discover how to combine your green sunglasses. An incredible option!

It's always a good time to go out and show off our sunglasses whatever the occasion. Despite the fact that its use is recommended throughout the year, both in winter and in summer, sometimes it is difficult to choose sunglasses that best suit you: either because of their shape, texture, or what is very important: the color of the sunglasses.

Firstly, highlight something that we have to know very important: in most of the activities, if not all, that are carried out outdoors, we must take into account that we cannot forget the sun and the effects that the reflections of light in our eyes. For this reason, sunglasses are not only a complement to your outfit, but they will help you at all times to protect your eyesight and will save you from any risk that could occur due to the weather conditions of the moment. What is fashion is not uncomfortable and also comes with everything this season, colors that stand out in themselves but combine ideally with your sporty lifestyle and with the outfit you wear, from the most sportsy to the most casual.

Once we know the importance of our sunglasses when it comes to protecting our eyes, it is time to choose which sunglasses we want to have that give us enough personality to our look. We have to choose a sunglasses to fall in love with and that we know that we are going to invest not only in quality, but in a complement that will be essential in our day to day! And what can be one of the ways to choose this?

gafas de sol verdes

Looking at the colors! Some advice that we give you to be able to know what sunglasses you want to buy is to take into account what colors are in your closet. Take a good look at those shades with which you usually like to dress the most, and make up your mind. Everything will depend on whether you wear clothes with bright colors, you are more of soft pastel colors, perhaps muted and dark colors are more your thing... It is best to combine your green glasses with neutral colors, such as black, gray and white so that the color really stands out among the rest. Another option is to go for the "nude" tones that are also ideal for this style of green sunglasses.

gafas de sol verdes

In this article we want to advise you if you are one of those who prefer the last option. Do you like to dress in darker tones such as black and blue? Well, don't hesitate! The sunglasses you are looking for are those with the most colorful frames. The reason for this is that they will give your outfit more personality and will therefore make your eyes and face stand out much more. On the other hand, if you like wearing brighter colors, you can look for darker frames, but they don't have to be black. Colors like green will combine perfectly! Do you want to know some tips to combine your new green glasses? Here we give them to you, keep reading!

If you finally decide to go green, there are some things you should know first about this color, which is the favorite of many people. As with the rest of the colors, green also has its own symbology. In this sense, green always brings an association with tremendously positive elements and connotations! First of all, green glasses, due to their color, are associated with the terminology of life, force and energy. It is a color deeply associated with spring, a season that will arrive in a few months and we cannot be more excited for it! Linked to growth, to the idea of ​​youth, your green sunglasses can even take years off your mind! A color associated with freshness, hope and optimism that we are looking for so much during this time. However, not only is the color green associated with nature and with it all the life that it attracts, but it is also linked to the idea of ​​balance, serenity and calm for those days when it is most needed. Therefore, if these are all the sensations you are looking for when complementing your look with colored sunglasses, the color green is what you are looking for!

gafas de sol verdes

How to combine your green sunglasses if you are a man?

You must be clear that this is a matter of taste, and above all, personalities. You must be the one who knows what looks good on you at the same time that you must feel comfortable with all your clothes and accessories, but at The Indian Face we want to help you get inspired. These are some tips with which you can combine your green sunglasses with your outfits:

- It can be a good option to pair a tartan coat or some similar shade with your green glasses, perfect for the weekend! However, if you are looking for something a little more casual, you can also combine some sneakers or your favorite more comfortable shoes that are also fashionable.

- Do you like vests? They are super trendy! A gray or dark vest with your green sunglasses will also be a perfect option to go out to dinner, take a walk. You already know that with vests you need more classic footwear, but you can always take a risk!

- And what about the lighter blazers that are so fashionable? With your green sunglasses you will succeed A look that transmits very good vibes, while tending to be very free and relaxed. White sneakers and you'll have an amazing-looking look in no time!

gafas de sol verde

How to combine your green glasses if you are a girl?

We know that girls have had less trouble taking risks with their looks and colors. The green color in the sunglasses brings a touch of freshness that many of you will love. These are some of the tips to be able to combine your green sunglasses and feel that you are fashionable but comfortable at the same time:

- Beach look? Try wearing a white patterned kimono and your green colored glasses. They stand out even more! It is a super comfortable look but at the same time very chic to go to the beach or have a drink on a very hot day.

- To convey that free and relaxed good vibe, white is always an option! If you are looking for something more formal than a kimono but at the same time comfortable, an oversized white shirt will never fail. You can also combine them with sandals, an unbeatable option for this outfit with green sunglasses!

-And for the winter? There are many girls who love a “total black” outfit with a sweater and black pants together with a dark coat to achieve this elegant touch and how we always look for it, while protecting ourselves from the cold. But on sunny days, we need our sunglasses! Hence our green sunglasses will be perfect allies to give our looks a bit of shine, where green will stand out and give us vitality and naturalness in our day to day.


You still haven't convinced yourself to choose your green sunglasses this season? You should keep in mind that you choose the color of sunglasses, these are always necessary to protect your sight from any weather condition, be it sun, snow or wind. But, in addition to that, they can help you to be an incredible complement to your looks and reinforce that personality that you have.

From The Indian Face we encourage you to give new green sunglasses a try! In our catalog we have several styles so that you can analyze which ones would look better on your face and will help you highlight your features and outfits. We encourage you to take a look and tell us yourself which color you want to bet on! To us green sunglasses we love them because green is always a color associated with something that we keep very much in mind: freedom . And you, do you want to be truly free? #BornToBeFree