Melania Suárez: la jovencísima promesa del Surf femenino español


Melania Suárez: the very young promise of Spanish female surfing

Don't ask him for some WCT level spins yet. Maybe it's a little early. It's normal, being so young. The truth is that she is only 11 years old , but you only have to look at her to see the self-confidence that she reveals and one immediately begins to glimpse a very promising future for this little surfer.

Melania Suárez is from the island of Tenerife. And she is the little sister of another island figure, Diego Suárez. Her extraordinary genes develop without brake and her surfing of her grows and she wins integers in each session .

Resident of Punta Hidalgo, the little surfer from the Suárez clan traveled to Indonesia a couple of years ago, when she was only nine years old, an age at which most of her schoolmates barely manage to stand up. foot on the shore of the beach.

It is still too early to draw conclusions and know for sure if this young gem of surfing from the Canary Islands will follow the path of success that her brother has begun to follow. There is still a long road ahead of her, many hormones and adrenaline to release and a lot of world to discover and before which she will have to continue demonstrating all the talent that she carries within her.

For the moment, what she does not lack is attitude and courage to face the powerful waves of the Canary Islands every day.

We will follow her very closely