Mi novia es una Mountain Biker


My girlfriend is a Mountain Biker

We have come across this funny video that reflects the difficulties that someone can experience when having a partner who is fond of cycling, specifically Mountain Bike, when you do not share this hobby.

My Girlfriend Is A Mountain Biker, although in English, it is a curious parody in which a boy tells his friend how far his girlfriend goes in her hobby of the mountain bike.

Cleaning the bike at night in meticulous detail (in so much detail that we can see the girl reaching into the furthest corners of the bike with a toothbrush), participating in forums late at night, how tedious it is it can be driving her and her friends around in the car having to deal with her emotions caused by an impending excursion or occasions when she arrives exhausted and with head injuries due to a fall; are some of the things that appear in the short and with which it is very likely that you will see yourself reflected .

Take a look at the video, if you like mountain biking a lot, it might make you empathize with your partner... even a little. And if not, it will surely make you smile