Mi primera tabla de skate: qué debes tener en cuenta para comprarla


My first skateboard: what should you take into account to buy it

My first skateboard: what you should take into account to buy it

Okay, you've made up your mind. You want to skate. You want to be a skateboarder. But, face it, you are very green. You've never skated seriously and you don't know anything about skateboarding. You only have plenty of enthusiasm and motivation, but you want to face the moment of truth: you are going to buy your first skateboard. But, have you taken everything into account? Do you know what board you are going to buy? Today we want to give you some tips to buy your first skateboard.

There are many brands, many models within each brand, many stores. When you start looking for your first board, you will have many doubts due to the number of options and alternatives.

The price of your first board

It is the first thing that you must be clear about: the budget. The price of a good professional skateboard or for advanced skaters can be around 120 euros.

However, a beginner skateboard can cost around 50 euros.

Of course, you can buy skateboards for much more money, but a higher price does not always translate into a better quality of the deck and its components. Be careful with that.

Where do I buy my first board?

Basically there are two options: skateshops or malls. To buy an initiation board we recommend that you go to this last place , where you will find acceptable boards for about 50 euros. We suggest that you do not buy boards that cost less than 30 euros since their quality can be more than doubtful. In the skateshops you will find boards from 100 euros or more and they are stores aimed at skaters with some experience. Maybe when you have learned the basics you should go to a skateshop to get a board according to your new skills.

What measurements should my first board have?

We suggest starting with an 8-inch deck, with 53mm wheels supported by medium trucks. You should start with bearings at least ABEC3 (you have up to ABEC11). These are measurements and characteristics that adapt to everyone in their initiation phase to skateboarding.

Did these tips help you? Do you have any more questions? What advice would you give to someone who is starting to skate?